Wednesday, March 1, 2017
150 things to do at UNH

In celebration of #UNH150, here’s a list of 150 things to do at UNH. This is part one in a series of three posts.

1. Go to a UNH Football game.

2. Attend a social at your residence hall.

3. Follow @UNHStudents and @UofNH on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

4. Cheer from the student section at a UNH men’s ice hockey game.

5. Meet departments and student organizations at U-Day.

6. Go to a UNH volleyball game.

7. Win prizes at CAB bingo.

8. Go to a UNH soccer game.

9. Attend a UNH dance performance at the end of the semester.

10. Grab food at Wildkitty.

11. Do homework by the fireplace in the Rockingham Lounge in the MUB.

12. Go to a UNH gymnastics meet.

13. Cheer on the UNH field hockey team.


UNH women's field hockey


14. Perfect your résumé with help from the UNH Career and Professional Success.

15. Go to a UNH women’s ice hockey game.

16. Attend a seminar at the ECenter (the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center).

17. See a comedian in the MUB.

18. View the current exhibit in the UNH Museum of Art.

19. Walk in the Homecoming parade.

20. Watch a UNH cross country meet.

21. Read an issue of The New Hampshire.

22. Play games in the Games Room of the MUB.

23. Go to a UNH swimming meet.

24. Swim at the Outdoor Pool.

25. Go to a UNH track and field meet.


UNH ballet


26. Spend spring break volunteering with Alternative Break Challenge.

27. Take in the action at a UNH basketball game.

28. Do homework on T-Hall lawn.

29. Go for a walk in College Woods.

30. Take a free yoga class with UNH Health & Wellness.

31. Participate in the Primal Scream at the library during Frazzle Free Finals.

32. Eat in all three dining halls (HoCo, Stillings and Philly).

33. Join a club.

34. See a play at Johnson Theatre.

35. Take a picture on the Wildcat Statue.

36. Spend a semester, J-term or summer studying abroad.

37. Go watch an Improv Anonymous show in the MUB.

38. Test out the rock climbing wall at the new Hamel Rec Center.


UNH male a capella group

39. Go to a UNH a cappella concert.

40. Go on an Outdoor Adventure with Campus Rec.

41. Participate in a new activity.

42. Attend guided meditation with UNH Health & Wellness.

43. Check out CAB’s The Grind coffeehouse and open mic.

44. Go to open skate at the Whitt.

45. Join a group exercise class at the Hamel Rec Center.

46. Go to a UNH Dining theme dinner.

47. Rent a camera or electronic device from the Parker Media Lab.

48. Grab a slice at DHOP (Durham House of Pizza).

49. Take Wildcat Transit to Portsmouth.

50. Attend Interview Day with UNH Career and Professional Success.