Monday, June 5, 2017

tugboats at a dock in Portsmouth

From internships in Portsmouth to jobs in Durham, there are plenty of reasons for Wildcats to stick around the New Hampshire seacoast over the summer. It’s not uncommon for students to remain in Durham if they find an internship through UNH Career and Professional Success with one of the many businesses and corporations in nearby cities and towns. Similarly, many students stay on campus to work on research projects with the help of SURF stipends from the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research. If you’re one of those lucky enough to enjoy summer in this beautiful region, you’re likely enjoying the slower pace of the area and perhaps settling into your very own apartment.

Without classes and homework, though, you may find yourself wondering what to do aside from work. Fortunately, there are tons of fun and unique events for students to take advantage of in the area. Here are some that might appeal to you…

Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH
Prescott Park, Portsmouth

Enjoy the summer, Wildcats!