Thursday, July 28, 2016

popcorn bags at a UNH Campus Activities Board booth

Most college students are on a tight budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. At UNH, there are plenty of fun things to do that are completely free. From your first days at UNH, you’ll notice the abundance and variety of activities offered by student organizations and campus departments. There’s no shortage of things to do here on campus at no cost to you.

1. CAB Bingo

Campus Activities Board, or “CAB,” is a student organization that works tirelessly to put on great (and free!) events for students. Their weekly bingo is always popular (seriously!) because of the famously good prizes. Students especially love the themed nights, with topics ranging from sex ed to sports and throwback bingo.

top 10 free things to do at UNH graphic

2. The Grind

Another CAB highlight is The Grind, a monthly open-mic coffeehouse. Enjoy free snacks and entertainment or show off your musical, comedic or poetic talent.

3. Comedy shows at the MUB

The Memorial Union Building (MUB) often hosts famous comedians for ever-popular shows that students love. If you’re a comedy-lover, look out for shows put on by members of Sketched Out, UNH’s student comedy troupe.

photo collage of ice skating, a carnival ride, and a student performing at an open mic night


Believe it or not, parts of campus transform into settings for small carnivals several times a year. Campus Rec helps put on Fall Fest during first semester, and the CAB-hosted May Day Carnival always signals the return of spring. Later on, you’ll relish a study break at CAB’s stress relief event during finals week.

5. Open Skate at the Whitt

Campus Recreation is constantly providing students with fun, free things to do, including frequent Open Skate nights at the Whittemore Center, a great way to get out of your dorm and get active on those cold winter nights.

6. Group exercise classes

Group exercise classes can be expensive, but the ones offered through Campus Rec are completely free for UNH students! There is something for everyone; classes include yoga, Pilates, Zumba, circuit training and more.

photo collage of popcorn buckets, a carnival ride, and the grind sign

7. Movies at the MUB theatres

The Memorial Union Building (MUB) has two movie theatres that play current movies all year long. Tickets are free for students, and you can purchase snacks, drinks and popcorn at The Notch, located right next to the theatres.

8. Games room at the MUB

There’s always something to do in the MUB, whether it’s an entertaining comedy, a mind-reading show or an educational lecture. Students can also use the video games and ping pong and pool tables in the Games Room at no cost.

9. UNH Dining themed dinners

Wildcats love UNH Dining because the staff are always going above and beyond for us — especially on theme nights! UNH Dining is famous for their incredible themed dinners, complete with fun dishes, elaborate decorations and silly costumes. They are, of course, free for those with a meal plan. There will be lines, but it’s worth it!

photo collage of UNH Dining Service's themed dinners

10. Complimentary health services

Don’t forget to always make time to relax in addition to studying and having fun. Health & Wellness offers free yoga and guided meditation classes, in addition to offering students free access to alternative medicine such as acupuncture and light therapy. These are amazing resources for students to take advantage of.

It’s never hard to find something to do at UNH, and most of the time it doesn’t require spending a dime!