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  • Harlan Spence, physics professor and director of the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space

    Space Man Spence

    Harlan Spence, director of UNH’s Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space, has been appointed to the Space Studies Board of the National Academy of Sciences. 
  • EOS associate director David Divins

    Divins Drills Down

    David Divins is EOS’s first full-time associate director since 2012.
  • Larry Mayer sitting on a dock

    Arctic Appointment

    President Obama named Larry Mayer to a four-year term on the U.S. Arctic Research Commission, an independent federal agency that advises the President and Congress.
  • Students at a busy intersection on UNH campus

    Smart Campus

    A new grant from UNH’s Broadband Center of Excellence to an interdisciplinary team of university researchers aims to showcase innovation in broadband technology and data analytics.
  • multicolored image of seafloor feature

    A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

    When Captain Andy Armstrong learned that a basin in the Gulf of Mexico would be named in his honor, he thought it was a mistake.
  • UNH researcher Jennifer Miksis-Olds

    Listening to the Ocean

    Asking for time off on your first day at a new job can be awkward.
  • Illustration of satellites circling the Earth

    Magnetic Reconnection

    On October 16, 2015, dozens of UNH scientists, space physics researchers, engineers and students made history.
  • Professor riding a bike dressed for graduation, pulling Gnarlz in a trailer

    Celebrating Cycling

    This month, UNH will join communities and workplaces across the nation in a celebration of car-free commuting with Bike to Work Week (May 16 – 20) and Bike/Walk to Work Day (May 20). UNH is among...
  • Paige Balcom '16 in Kingsbury Courtyard

    Research Support

    A senior engineering student with an eye toward bringing reliable power to developing nations and a doctoral student looking at maternal care in carpenter bees are UNH recipients of the National...
  • Steelhead trout

    Pier to Plate

    Steelhead trout grow within nets suspended from a UNH-designed raft.
  • Alley Leach
  • UNH graduate student at annual research conference

    Making Waves

    Lobsters, parasites, seabirds and sandbars were among the topics presented at the School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering’s graduate student research symposium yesterday.
  • The Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Symposium at UNH

    ISE ISE Baby

    Ice gave way to ISE — the Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Symposium — at the Whittemore Center yesterday, where 360 students presented 156 projects that spanned the disciplinary spectrum...
  • National Weather Service heat index map

    Model Science

    Call them the fortunetellers of climate change: Climate models, which draw on the physics and chemistry of the Earth and its oceans and atmosphere, are at the heart of understanding our changing...
  • Car driving on a flooded roadway

    The New Normal

    As our climate changes, our food and forests, our transportation, even our health will become vulnerable. From pines to pavement, weeds to wheezing, UNH researchers are working on solutions to help...
  • Cameron Wake skiing in Denali National Park

    All Eyes on the Arctic

    Each summer, a handful of UNH researchers pass up New England’s hard-won summer and head to the remote glaciers, peatlands and oceans on top of the world. There, they’re exploring the Arctic’s...
  • Overview of Whittemore Center with research posters

    Grad Excellence

    UNH’s annual celebration of student scholarship and creativity launched April 11 with the Graduate Research Conference in the Whitt. More than 200 students from all academic disciplines shared...
  • large group of scientists and students pose beneath a rocket ship

    Miracle in Space

    Six years ago, a team from UNH’s Space Science Center performed a miracle. 
  • Graduate student Samantha Werner '14

    Passion for Policy

    Master's student Samantha Werner '14 received the Ecological Society of America's Graduate Student Policy Award.
  • UNH professors who have received CAREER grants

    CAREER Success

    Three UNH faculty members have received prestigious National Science Foundation awards to support work that aims to understand turbulent flows, flexible biomolecules and a unique category of...
  • Harish Vashisth

    Simulating Biomolecules

    Although it could one day lead to advances in drugs that treat HIV, Harish Vashisth’s research is far more likely to use supercomputers than the pipettes or microscopes more commonly associated with...
  • Mathematician John Gibson

    Tackling Turbulence

    Assistant professor of mathematics John Gibson, recipient of a NSF CAREER award.
  • UNH professor David Finkelhor sits in front of  a laptop

    Finkelhor: Child Abuse in Youth Organizations Is Low

    Child abuse at the hands of Scout leaders, priests or coaches is far less common than abuse of children or adolescents by family members or other adults. That’s the primary finding of new research...
  • UNH-IOL director Erica Johnson

    Networking Honor

    It’s a distinction that won’t surprise anyone who’s met UNH InterOperability Laboratory director Erica Johnson: Next week, New Hampshire Business Review (NHBR) will honor her with its Outstanding...
  • Terry Forbes

    UNH Solar Physicist Receives Prize

    Terry Forbes, research professor emeritus in the physics department and the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space, recently received the George Ellery Hale Prize from the American...
  • Don Sundberg

    Sundberg To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

    Donald Sundberg, professor emeritus of materials science and director of UNH’s Nanostructured Polymers Research Center, will receive a lifetime achievement award from the American Coatings...
  • Chris Whitney

    California Dreamin'

    The UNH booth, hosted here by Tara Hicks Johnson, outreach specialist at the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping, was a popular destination for would-be graduate students and research collaborators...
  • Prevention Innovations Research Center staff

    Prevention Pioneers

    At its fifth annual Innovators’ Dinner, UNHInnovation (UNHI) made good on its mission to recognize the full sweep of innovation, including intellectual property and creative work as well as more...
  • University of New Hampshire

    Not Just the Heat, It’s the Humans

    When it comes to adapting to the changing environment of the Great Basin in the North American West, for small mammals, warming associated with climate change is only part of the problem: Humans have...
  • UNH assistant professor Iago Hale

    Fresh, Local … Kiwis?

    If Iago Hale has his way, in a few years you may be topping your breakfast cereal with a handful of fresh kiwiberries you bought at your local farmer’s market. That’s right, local kiwi. In northern...
  • Nutrition researcher Miriam Nelson
  • Researchers and aerospace industry representatives at UNH

    Not Rocket Science

    UNH’s first-ever Aerospace and Defense Technology Day on Nov. 4 was part open house, part show-and-tell, part speed dating — and, according to the organizers, full success. The day brought 70...
  • Cover Page of New England Food Vision

    Omnivore’s Delight

    With the annual Local Harvest Dinner as the jewel in its locavore crown, UNH is a national leader in bringing local food — some of it grown right here on campus — to the hungry mouths of its students.
  • Professor Kelley Thomas holding a large molecule model

    NIH Grant Boosts NH's Biomedical Research Capacity

    A five-year $18.1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to a statewide partnership led by UNH and Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine will expand biomedical research capacity and...
  • Corinthian column
  • UNH/Nasa Launch Mission March 2015

    Inquiring Minds

        The Big Burp Theory Geologists drill for climate clues About 55 million years ago, the Earth burped up a massive release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere — an amount equivalent to burning...
  • Two researchers in front of a brightly colored screen depicting the seafloor

    More Than Mapping

    Since its founding in 1999, UNH’s Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping (CCOM), along with the complementary Joint Hydrographic Center (a NOAA partner), has established itself as the world leader in...
  • UNH exercise scientist Summer Cook

    Strong Muscles, Fleet Feet

    Exercise scientist Summer Cook
  • Coach in motorboat calls to four women in rowing shell

    Crew Boss Rachel Rawlinson Named Northeast Region Coach of the Year

    Rachel Rawlinson '99, head coach of UNH Rowing, was named the Northeast Region Coach of the Year by the American Collegiate Rowing Association at its national championship regatta May 23 -24 in...
  • A (Nuclear) Force To Be Reckoned With

    A (Nuclear) Force To Be Reckoned With

    UNH physicist Patricia Solvignon has received a prestigious Early Career Research Program grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Serita Frey and graduate student Sarah Andrews

    The Dirt on Studio Soils

    In 2010, about a decade into teaching the large Introduction to Soils course, UNH soil scientist Serita Frey steered her class into uncharted territory. With inspiration from the physics department...
  • Cosmic Rays
  • An archipelago off the coast of Norway
  • students in medical gowns and masks

    For These UNH Students, It Is Rocket Science

    Long before it blasts into space March 12, the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission will have launched the careers of would-be rocket scientists who contributed to the mission as UNH...
  • Out of the Clinic, Out of the Box

    Out of the Clinic, Out of the Box

    As part of her training to become a practicing occupational therapist, Risa LaPera ’14,’15G talks to her client Dan, a retiree with vision loss due to glaucoma, through a radio headset. “You still...
  • Researcher with Kelp

    Kelp Is On the Way

    Seaweed has been on the menu for thousands of years, beloved particularly in Asia for packing a nutritional punch with the complex flavor of umami. Now, UNH researchers are hoping to tap locavore...
  • Students learning computer code

    Code Comfort

    Do you want to build a snowflake? If so, you’ll have to learn some code – but as nearly 40 elementary school children learned Friday afternoon (Dec. 12) at UNH, that’s not so hard. With ubiquitous “...
  • thanksgiving meal with students

    Turkey, Football, Snow

    Gathering together: From left, Ron Potier, father of the hostess; UNH graduate students Xiaoyi Tang and Shivam Goyal; host Brent Bell, associate professor of kinesiology at UNH; Kathy Potier, mother...
  • Nancy Kineer showers in safety shower

    Good, Clean (Safe) Fun: Professor Showers for Lab Safety

    Lab safety took a zany, soggy turn Tuesday, when the Environmental Research Group tapped Nancy Kinner, professor of civil and environmental engineering, for a hands-on demonstration of the emergency...
  • Erik Swartz


    When it comes to head and helmet safety, one of the NFL’s most valuable players isn’t a quarterback, a receiver, or even a coach. In fact, Erik Swartz isn’t a football player at all—the former rugby...
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