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  • FindScholars@UNH Launches

    FindScholars@UNH Launches

    UNH has launched a new tool to help share the university's research and scholarship.
  • Aerial view of fracking research site

    Into the Microbial Deep

    A Department of Energy grant is supporting UNH research on hydraulic fracturing.
  • Man sitting in a driving simulator wearing augmeted reality goggles

    Creating the Self-Driving Office of the Future

    UNH has received NSF funding for automated vehicle research.
  • Research Communications Academy

    Research Communications Academy

    Faculty, postdocs and graduate students can apply to participate in the first Research Communications Academy.
  • Three female college students gather around a video game

    To Teach Bystander Intervention, Try a Video Game

    A new study from UNH's Prevention Innovations Research Center has found video games show promise as tools for sexual assault prevention.
  • A view of the UNH campus in autumn

    Committed to Collaborative Research Excellence

    Fourteen interdisciplinary teams of UNH researchers have received $425,000 in CoRE funding.
  • A view of UNH's Kingsbury Hall in autumn

    Robot Therapy

    This interdisciplinary effort unites computer science and human movement.
  • UNH's James Houle

    Environmental Honors

    The EPA has honored James Houle and the UNH Center for Freshwater Biology with Environmental Merit Awards for clean water achievements.
  • UNH's Alex Padilla

    Listening to Bubbles

    UNH doctoral student Alexandra Padilla has received a prestigious National Science fellowship.
  • Emaciated moose

    A Population At Risk

    Northern New Hampshire and western Maine are seeing an increase in winter ticks, which are endangering the moose population.
  • Beach on Lake Erie

    Not Taking the Plunge

    New research from UNH finds that as climate changes, so does lake recreation behavior.
  • UNH mechanical engineering professor Yaning Li

    Inspired by Nature

    Mechanical engineering professor Yaning Li looks to nature’s shapes and structures to create innovative new materials.
  • Undersea image of a fish in seaweed

    Nowhere To Hide

    New research from UNH finds that changes in seaweed "forests" may be harmful for an ecologically important fish.
  • Five CEPS students standing beside a poster at URC

    Engaging With Industry

    For their senior capstone project, five UNH undergraduates developed a new cleaning robot for Massachusetts company Symbotic.
  • UNH professor of history Jeff Bolster driving a boat

    Revelle Lecture

    Professor of history Jeffrey Bolster was selected by the National Academy of Sciences to deliver its prestigious Revelle Commemorative Lecture.
  • Ship

    SMSOE Participates in Consortium on Research Vessels

    The University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography has created a consortium with two major institutions
  • Physics professor Jiadong Zang

    Computing on the Head of a Pin

    Physics professor Jiadong Zang has discovered a materials combination that could lead to tiny computers.
  • Overhead shot of COLSA Undergraduate ResearchConference

    Undergraduate Inquiry

    Students present their original research, scholarly activity and creative works at the Undergraduate Research Conference  April 17 – 28, 2018.
  • Jeep drives through water on flooded coastal road.

    Rising Tides, Increasing Floods

    New research from UNH finds that so-called "nuisance flooding" along coastal roads has increased 90 percent in the past 20 years.
  • Field with subtle hills

    Washboard Landscape

    Newly discovered  Seacoast-area ridges may hold clues about ice age, climate change.
  • Professor Ben Chandran at chalkboard

    Fellow in Physics

    UNH professor of physics Benjamin Chandran was named a Fellow of the American Physical Society.
  • Researcher Matt MacManes seated in his lab

    New Research Aims To Help Humans Survive Dehydration

    A major NIH grant will help professor Matt MacManes understand dehydration by studying a tiny desert rodent.
  • Large group of hydrographers at the edge of the ocean

    Next in XPRIZE

    A UNH-led team has qualified for the final round of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE.
  • Postdoctoral researcher Kerri Seger speaks into a microphone

    Fulbright Scholar

    Postdoc Kerri Seger listens to whales in Colombia.
  • Great Bay

    Keeping Great Bay Great

    Across the disciplines and decades, UNH research has helped understand and improve this valuable resource.
  • Abigail D'Ambrosia

    Warming Earth, Shrinking Mammals

    A graduate student's findings from 50 million years ago give insight into future impacts of climate change.
  • UNHInnovation

    The Innovators

    Fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and contributing to economic development, UNHInnovation has been making waves.
  • Rocket launching

    Better (Space) Weather Forecasts

    State-of-the-art space weather instruments developed by UNH researchers are heading into space.
  • UNH professor Pete Pekins in a meadow

    Tracking Moose

    Pete Pekins is leading a study on the dwindling moose population and the rise of the winter tick.
  • Liz Burakowski

    White Gold

    Elizabeth Burakowski has co-authored a study from the organization Protect Our Winters.
  • Larry Mayer sits on the edge of a dock in front of a research vessel

    National Academy Honor

    Larry Mayer has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering.
  • Underwater photo of orange tunicates, or sea squirts

    Here Come the Sea Squirts!

    Warmer ocean temperatures will accelerate the reproduction in invasive tunicates.
  • Oyster River in autumn

    Stronger Storms Hamper Rivers' Clean-Up Powers

    New UNH research aims to improve health of Great Bay Estuary.
  • Montage photos of trees with their root systems

    Getting to the Root of the Matter

    Study by graduate student finds roots comprise almost a third of total tree biomass.
  • Mount Etna eruption

    Eruption Clues

    UNH researchers create a snapshot of volcano plumbing.
  • a moose in the mist

    Tracking a Population in Peril

    For the past four years, UNH professor Pete Pekins has been tracking the decline of New Hampshire’s moose population at the hands of the winter tick.
  • illustration of roads in a town flooding

    Road Scholars

    Researchers find rising seas could cause flooded roads in unexpected places on New Hampshire’s Seacoast.
  • A cyanobacterial bloom on the surface of a lake

    Researching Healthy Lakes

    UNH researchers will examine how lake water quality in the Northeast’s temperate forests changed over the past three decades.
  • Graduate student Allison Leach in front of a research poster

    Grad Honors

    A UNH doctoral student has received AASHE's Campus Sustainability Research Award.
  • J. Brent Loy and Brian Calder of UNH

    Innovator Winner

    Brian Calder has been named Innovator of the Year.
  • Overhead view of forest in snow, with square patches of bare ground

    Warming Soils, Warming Earth

    In Science paper, UNH researchers describe a new feedback loop that could accelerate global warming.
  • Nathan Schwadron, professor of physics at UNH

    Communications Breakdown?

    Nathan Schwadron explores the effects of radiation from solar winds on Earth.
  • Landscape view of forest with mountains in distance

    Woodland Woes

    New England has been losing forestland to development at a rate of 65 acres per day, according to report co-authored by John Aber.
  • Biaxial tester, used in advanced manufacturing

    Advancing Manufacturing

    With new NSF grant, UNH will address New Hampshire's workforce needs.
  • A view of students at UNH

    Academic Consequences

    New UNH research has found that campus sexual violence significantly affects academics.
  • UNH student tracking moose in New Hampshire's northern woods

    Tracking a Troubled Icon

    The iconic moose is in decline. Here's what UNH researchers are doing about it. 
  • UNH's Flow Physics Facility Wind Tunnel

    Win(d)-Win Proposition

    Nike’s “Breaking2” running project tapped UNH’s Flow Physics Facility.
  • illustration of people rolling out a path from a building to the city
  • Large computerized instrument, a sorting flow cytometer

    Cell Sorter

    Need your cells sorted? The University Instrumentation Center’s new sorting flow cytometer can help.
  • Icebreaker Healy in Arctic

    Northwest Passage

    For two days in March, UNH will be the epicenter for discussions about how New England will respond to changes in the Arctic.
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