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  • Thompson Hall on UNH campus shot from above, with sun setting behind

    Cool Honor

    UNH has received an award from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
  • NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine and U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen visited UNH to meet with faculty members and students

    NASA Lands at UNH

    NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine and U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen meet with faculty members and students working on space science projects.  
  • Filling a plastic cup with drinking water at a fountain

    Informing Arsenic Policy With Research

    Research from a team of economics researchers from UNH helped New Hampshire pass lower limits for arsenic in municipal drinking water.
  • Dam Dilemma

    Dam Dilemma

    New survey data shows that New Hampshire residents favor removing dams unless they're providing hydropower.
  • Tamara Marcus smiles at the camera wearing an orange printed top

    Making Climate Connections

    Tamara Marcus researching methane emissions from permafrost in northern Sweden. Photo by Ruth Varner.
  • Flooded road blocked with yellow tape and "high water" sign

    Pounding the Pavement

    New research from UNH shows that thicker asphalt could extend the life cycle of roads — and save money — as the effects of climate change stress them.
  • Sharyn Potter testifying before Congress with male in background

    Potter Testifies

    Sharyn Potter of UNH's Prevention Innovations Research Center testified recently before a House of Representatives veteran affairs subcommittee.
  • A tour of UNH's John Olson Advanced Manufacturing Lab

    A Closer Look

    NUMIFORM attendees tour the John Olson Center for Advanced Manufacturing with UNH faculty.
  • Four horseshoe crabs partially submerged near shoreline

    Crabs in Peril

    New research from UNH has found that horseshoe crabs, whose blue blood is harvested by the biomedical industry for its unique ability to test devices and injectable drugs for contamination, spawn...
  • Uncrewed surface vessel (USV), SEA-KIT MAXLIMER, that pairs with an autonomous underwater vehicle to map the seafloor remotely.

    UNH Alumni Team Wins XPRIZE

    A team of UNH alumni has won the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, a global competition to advance deep-sea technologies for ocean floor exploration.
  • Madeline Juffras '19 working on scientific equipment in a wetland

    Inquiring Minds

    UNH's Inquiry journal highlights undergraduate research.
  • Cheryl Andam, assistant professor of molecular, cellular and biomedical science at UNH

    Microbial Mystery

    Cheryl Andam, assistant professor of molecular, cellular and biomedical sciences, has received a major NSF CAREER award.
  • Researchers take a soil sample

    Increasing UNH’s Impact

    Faculty, grad students complete first-ever Research Communications Academy.
  • University of New Hampshire welcome sign

    Research on the Edge

    See why UNH is among the nation’s top research universities.
  • UNH grad student Melissa Melendez stands on the deck of a research vessel.

    Finish-Line Fellowship

    UNH doctoral student Melissa Meléndez-Oyola has received a prestigious Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship.
  • Kingsbury Hall

    CAREER Success Times Two

    Two UNH faculty receive prestigious NSF early career awards.
  • Edward Song

    Engineering Neuroscience

    Edward Song, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, received a prestigious CAREER award from the National Science Foundation.
  • Arctic mountains and sea with text "the Arctic is melting. Is it time to panic?"

    Melting Arctic

    An international panel of researchers, including UNH's Larry Mayer and Nancy Kinner, will discuss Arctic change and melting.
  • Desert mouse

    Mighty Mice

    Desert rodents could help humans survive dehydration.
  • Top Tier Research

    Head of the Class(ification)

    UNH has achieved top-tier research recognition.
  • Illustration of a fish, seaweed, mussel

    Fishing for Fortunes

    From the icy waters of the Gulf of Maine to clean drinking water in East Africa, UNH innovations enhance economic opportunities.
  • Jan Nisbet and James Dean talk in his office

    A Closing Inquiry

    James W. Dean Jr., who became UNH's 20th president in June 2018, speaks with senior vice provost for research Jan Nisbet about partnerships, research and his vision for UNH.
  • Chanda Prescod-Weinstein stands in front of a chalkboard with equations

    New to the Faculty

    Chanda Prescod-Weinstein is a theoretical cosmologist whose scholarship breaks down intellectual and disciplinary barriers.
  • Mike Paglia and Dave Hallal in an empty warehouse

    Biotech Innovators

    David Hallal ’88 and Mike Paglia ’02G are united in ElevateBio, a new venture for cell and gene therapy innovation.
  • Sachiko Akiyama works on a large wood sculpture

    Sculpture Spaces

    Assistant professor of sculpture Sachiko Akiyama received a major grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

    Next in XPRIZE

    More than 80 percent of our Earth’s seafloor is not mapped to high resolution; we have a clearer picture of the surface of Mars than of the ocean floor. A team of UNH alumni has created an ocean...
  • Jennifer Jacobs

    Insights on a Changing Climate

    UNH research left its mark on the monumental Fourth National Climate Assessment, released in November 2018 by 13 government agencies. Jennifer Jacobs, professor of civil and environmental engineering...
  • Dacheng Lin

    Black Hole Discovery

    A team of space scientists led by UNH Space Science Center research assistant professor Dacheng Lin discovered an elusive intermediate mass black hole when the researchers spied it (thanks to a trio...
  • Moose

    Drained Dry

    The winter tick — a tiny parasite thriving as winters warm and shorten — is decimating northern New England’s moose population, a three-year UNH study found. Published in the Canadian Journal of...
  • Corinna Jenkins Tucker

    Teen Chaos

    For adolescents navigating the rocky road of physical and emotional changes, a disorganized and unstable home life can lead to greater depression, poorer physical health and increased likelihood of...
  • Student works on vacuum chamber in UNH's Space Science Center.

    Top Tier

    UNH has risen to the top echelon of research universities in the country.
  • Professor William McDowell in his lab


    UNH faculty members have achieved major honors recently.
  • Hydrographic Hall of Fame

    Hydrographic Hall of Fame

    Andy Armstrong, the NOAA co-director of UNH's Joint Hydrographic Center, was honored by the Hydrographic Society of America.
  • Car driving on flooded roadway

    Climate Change Woes

    UNH professor Jennifer Jacobs was a lead author on the landmark Fourth National Climate Assessment released recently by 13 government agencies.
  • Professor Wheeler Ruml beside a robot

    Fellow of Invention

    Wheeler Ruml, a professor of computer science at UNH, has been named a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors.
  • FindScholars@UNH Launches

    FindScholars@UNH Launches

    UNH has launched a new tool to help share the university's research and scholarship.
  • Aerial view of fracking research site

    Into the Microbial Deep

    A Department of Energy grant is supporting UNH research on hydraulic fracturing.
  • Man sitting in a driving simulator wearing augmeted reality goggles

    Creating the Self-Driving Office of the Future

    UNH has received NSF funding for automated vehicle research.
  • Research Communications Academy

    Research Communications Academy

    Faculty, postdocs and graduate students can apply to participate in the first Research Communications Academy.
  • Three female college students gather around a video game

    To Teach Bystander Intervention, Try a Video Game

    A new study from UNH's Prevention Innovations Research Center has found video games show promise as tools for sexual assault prevention.
  • A view of the UNH campus in autumn

    Committed to Collaborative Research Excellence

    Fourteen interdisciplinary teams of UNH researchers have received $425,000 in CoRE funding.
  • A view of UNH's Kingsbury Hall in autumn

    Robot Therapy

    This interdisciplinary effort unites computer science and human movement.
  • UNH's James Houle

    Environmental Honors

    The EPA has honored James Houle and the UNH Center for Freshwater Biology with Environmental Merit Awards for clean water achievements.
  • UNH's Alex Padilla

    Listening to Bubbles

    UNH doctoral student Alexandra Padilla has received a prestigious National Science fellowship.
  • Emaciated moose

    A Population At Risk

    Northern New Hampshire and western Maine are seeing an increase in winter ticks, which are endangering the moose population.
  • Beach on Lake Erie

    Not Taking the Plunge

    New research from UNH finds that as climate changes, so does lake recreation behavior.
  • UNH mechanical engineering professor Yaning Li

    Inspired by Nature

    Mechanical engineering professor Yaning Li looks to nature’s shapes and structures to create innovative new materials.
  • Undersea image of a fish in seaweed

    Nowhere To Hide

    New research from UNH finds that changes in seaweed "forests" may be harmful for an ecologically important fish.
  • Five CEPS students standing beside a poster at URC

    Engaging With Industry

    For their senior capstone project, five UNH undergraduates developed a new cleaning robot for Massachusetts company Symbotic.
  • UNH professor of history Jeff Bolster driving a boat

    Revelle Lecture

    Professor of history Jeffrey Bolster was selected by the National Academy of Sciences to deliver its prestigious Revelle Commemorative Lecture.
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