COVID-19 info and suggestions

Wednesday, March 18, 2020
T Hall aerial

This is not a typical UNH Today story. These are not typical times. In just a few short months, the coronavirus has led to the creation of a new language, one with phrases like “social distancing” and “self-isolation.” UNH leaders continue to work diligently to keep the community abreast of safety measures and precautions that are in place currently and those that may come in the future. 

There have been several communications issued regarding the virus in the last week; it’s hard to read and absorb everything, but we hope you’ll try. Right now, professors are working to implement course work for online instruction through the end of the semester. 

The coronavirus updates and resources website we’ve created should answer all your questions or direct you to where you can find answers. A number of people have asked how they can support our students who are most in need during this crisis. As President Jim Dean mentions in his video message, a Student Emergency Fund has been created; you can make a gift to that fund here. On the updates page, make sure to check out the student  section in ‘campus life’ for information on such things as student housing, internships and student employment. Dimond Library and all other UNH libraries are closed until further notice. Academic Technology can help you find resources.

For those of you who absolutely have to get out of the house but still want to adhere to the directive that calls for not socializing with more than 10 people and maintaining a safe 6-foot distance, this is a good time to take a hike or walk. (It’s not too early to worry about ticks  so take precautions.)  UNH Extension’s Trail Finder can help you find a great path.

And from the Leitzel Center comes a list of resources for New Hampshire teachers and parents to help them teach STEM classes online while schools are closed.   

Lastly, don’t miss President Jim Dean’s video message to the UNH community seen on the UNH Today homepage. Be smart. Be safe. And wash your hands. Again.