Join us for STEM Day at the UNH Football game, November 2nd!

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Teachers & Informal Educators  

Join the UNH Cat’s got the Mouse – Mousetrap Car Challenge at UNH STEM Day, November 2, 2019 for a day of STEM activities, UNH Football, Mousetraps cars and fun.

The UNH Cat’s got the Mouse – Mousetrap Car Challenge is an activity to build a car powered by a mousetrap that can go as far as possible. It’s a fun and easy way to engage youth (10 and older) in STEM. It’s ideal for schools, 4-H clubs, scouts, afterschool programs, homeschoolers, or any other individual or youth group interested in STEM and engineering design.

To Build the Mousetrap Car (~2-3 hours) see The Mousetrap Challenge Resource Page with directions and more. 

Participants in STEM Day Cat’s got the Mouse Challenge will get a FREE ticket to the UNH Football game vs. Villanova that afternoon (Sign-up soon to reserve youth’s FREE ticket; details on the website).

Our Mission

The Joan and James Leitzel Center for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Education at UNH works to transform education in mathematics, science, and engineering in elementary and secondary schools, and in non-formal settings through high quality research, carefully examined practice, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

We facilitate partnerships and initiate programs with the goal of developing educators' knowledge of science, mathematics, and engineering concepts, along with human learning strategies—developing learners who experience the joy of discovery and the challenge of understanding; providing learning environments that support active engagement.


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