Students win big in big URC event

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
UNH student at Undergraduate Research Conference science and engineering symposium

Mary Sareault '17 was one of several students who split $8,000 in prizes at Wednesday's Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Symposium. (Photo: Alex Nguyen)

The 14th Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Symposium (ISE) was held on April 19, celebrating the scholarly achievements and research of hundreds of undergraduates.

With 411 presenters and 173 research posters at ISE this year, the 72 faculty, alumni, graduate student and industry judges had their work cut out for them in awarding the $8,000 in total prizes to this year’s winners in a multitude of disciplines including Earth, environmental, biological, computer and physical sciences, civil, mechanical, electrical and computer engineering, mathematics, statistics, physics and chemistry.

The first-place and honorable mention winners in each category for ISE 2017 are:


Jasmin Buteau '17 for Characterizing an Unknown Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus) Population in the South Atlantic Ocean Through Acoustic Analysis of Song; Jennifer Miksis-Olds, advisor.

Andrew Butts '17 and Tara Cieszka '17 for Predator-Induced Plasticity in the Model Organism, Ambystoma mexicanum, the Mexican Axolotl; Jessica Bolker, advisor.

Chemical Engineering/Bioengineering

Madison Wood '18 for Synthesis and Characterization of Copper and Cesium Modified Heteropoly Acids; Nan Yi, advisor.

Sabrina Marnoto '18 for Detection of Beta Carotene using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy; Jeffrey Halpern, advisor.


Brent Lawson '17 for Dicarboxylic Acid Shell on an Inert Aerosol Core: A Variable Controlled Hygroscopicity Investigation with Unexpected Results; Margaret Greenslade, advisor.

Graham Beaton '17 for Synthesis and Charactarization of Porphyrin containing Nanoparticles to Model Heme Proteins; Samuel Pazicni, advisor.

Civil Engineering-Dry Infrastructure

Katherine Bemis '17, Zachary Jarosz '17, Adam Murphy '17, Taylor St. Peter '17 and Gregory Stragnell '17 for Atlanta Botanical Garden Walkway Collapse Forensic Analysis; Zachary Chabot and Raymond Cook, advisors.

Ken Chow '17, Connor Golden '17, Nolan Jacques '17, Matthew Kiritsy '17, Sean Philbrick '17 and Troy Reinold '17 for Tunnel Under Gulf Road Senior Project; Jean Benoit, advisor.

Civil Engineering-Research

Joanna Lewis '17 and Paige Taber '17 for Constant Flow in a Drip Chlorination System; M. Robin Collins, advisor.

Ryan Conroy '17 and Taylor Kirk '17 for Modeling Rock Mechanics with 3D Printed Geomaterials; Majid Ghayoomi and John Gianforte, advisors.

Civil Engineering-Wet Infrastructure

Julia Camacho '17, Liam McGrath '17, Casey Melrose '17 and David Thibault '17 for Exploring Dam Removal Alternatives for Newmarket's Macallen Dam; Kevin Gardner, advisor.

Nathan Bujwid '17, John Collins '17, Jillian Crowley '17, Chao Du '17, Shawn Murphy '17 and Huancheng Zhang '17 for UNH Pilot Drinking Water Facility; M. Robin Collins, advisor.

Computer Science-Applications

Mitchell Fillion '17 and Kylie Patton '17 for Peer Review Dashboard; Collette Powers, advisor.

Theodore Belanger '17, Jeffrey Guichard '17 and Karl Hamnqvist '17 for PV Inspections; Whitney Weller, advisor.

Computer Science-Research

Aaron Blais '17 and Cody Shaw '17 for Network-Based Precise Time Synchronization; Radim Bartos, advisor.

Warren Edgar '17 and Irene Hardjono '17 for An Evaluation of gRPC; Philip Hatcher, advisor.

Earth Sciences/Environmental Science

Katherine Rocci '17 for Seasonal Changes in the Isotopic Composition and Concentration of CH4 at a Sub-Arctic Mire in Abisko, Sweden; Ruth Varner, advisor.

William Orfei '17 for Metamorphism and Deformation of Pelitic Rocks Along the Flint Hill Fault Zone in Southern New Hampshire; Jo Laird, advisor.

Electrical & Computer Engineering-Hardware Design

Maria Panacopoulos '17 for ISINGLASS Ground Instrumentation Xybion Control Box; Michael Carter, advisor.

Timothy Waryas '17 for Lucid (TACs); Wayne Smith.

Electrical & Computer Engineering-Software/System Design

Sean Kramer '17 for Mitigating Control Flow Attacks in Embedded Systems with a Hardware-Based Approach; Qiaoyan Yu, advisor.

Jordan Smith '17 for Active Acoustic Noise Cancellation; W. Thomas Miller, advisor.

Mechanical Engineering-Competition Teams

Adam Benincasa '17, Brandon Clark '17, Thomas Giarratano '17, Jacob Morgan '17, Travis Paola '17 and Kyle Poodiack '17 for UNH AeroCats; Alireza Ebadi, advisor.

Jeffrey Bajor '17, Samuel Carbonneau '17, Matthew Ciocys '17, Ryan Gancarz '17, Aleksander Holm '17, Conor Langille '17, Joseph Lemenager '16 and Camden Medeiros '17 for Mini Baja SAE; Barbaros Celikkol, advisor.

Mechanical Engineering-Industrial

UNH student
Simon Popecki '17 (Photo: Alex Nguyen)

Carlos Graniello '17 and Simon Popecki '17 for Method of Non-Contact Machining by Means of Electrochemical Turning; John Bundza, Ioannis Korkolis and Tim Noronha, advisors.

Nicholas Chagnon '17 for Determining Intrinsic Residual Stress in 3-D Woven Composites with Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry; Todd Gross, advisor.

Mechanical Engineering-Research

Alec Cunningham '17 and Adam Lovell '17 for Cyclist Aerodynamic Analysis in Cross Wind; Ivaylo Nedyalkov, advisor. (See related article "The Science of Cycling.")

Cassandra MacKinnon '17 for Determination of Coupling Coefficients in Magnetic Pulse Systems; Brad Kinsey, advisor.

Ocean Engineering

Peter Abdu '17, Naomie Clark '17, Alexander Clemons '17, Paul Gesel '17, Graham Pirie '17, Mary Sareault '17 and Langdon Tarbell '17 for The Poseidon Project: Portable SONAR Device for Ocean Floor Mapping; Thomas Weber, advisor.

Nathan Bredow '17, Daniel Cohen '17, Aaron Cordova '17, Brian Ellis '17, Kara Graney '17 and Brandon Wong '17 for UNH Remotely Operated Vehicle; May-Win Thein, advisor.


Tessa Gorte '17 for Analyzing Sea Level Rise Due to Melting of Antarctic Ice and Dispersion of Sea Water from Mass Redistribution; David Mattingly and Cameron Wake, advisors.

Emma Clarke '18 for Studying Cosmic-Ray Neutrons; James Ryan, advisor.

Teacher Science and Engineering

Donald Wason for Investigating Linkages between Iron, Manganese and Arsenic Contents in Bedrock-Hosted Groundwater Drinking Supplies in New Hampshire; Julie Bryce, Florencia Fahnestock, advisors.

John Blackwell, Andrew Pereira, Michelle Ramiz and Katherine Young for 3-Axis Magnetometer Construction and Data Collection for Space Weather Monitoring; Charles Smith, advisor.

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