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  • GLIMR infographic


    In August, UNH received from NASA its largest-ever single research contract: $107.9 million to develop a space-based instrument to study coastal ecosystems near the Gulf of Mexico. Led by research...
  • 20 Years of What Ifs

    20 Years of What Ifs

    UNH's URC, now in its 21st year, is about much more than mice and test tubes.
  • Tests

    This Isn't a Test

    SAT scores could be a thing of the past.
  • bee research

    Buzz Kill

    A recent study indicates major crop pollinators are in decline.
  • A graphic showing the 603 challenge results
  • Operation Hat Trick emblem

    Hat Trick Hits a Milestone

    OHT recently crossed the $1 million threshold in donations made to help injured service members.
  • Student conducting bee research

    Beyond Imagining: Research and Innovation

    UNH research helps build springboards for the future.
  • T-Hall

    CELEBRATE 150: The Campaign That Did

    CELEBRATE 150: The Campaign for UNH made a lasting impact on the students, faculty and staff members.
  • Students at St. Marten Career Exploration Office

    Beyond Imagining: Program Support

    Support for UNH programs during CELEBRATE 150 made up nearly 40 percent, or $115.7 million, of the $307.9 million total.
  • Erica, Julia and Raymond Zabkar

    Beyond Imagining: Student Support

    Philanthropy helps make UNH the university of choice.
  • PAUL Atrium

    Beyond Imagining: Capital Projects

    Two of the most prominent landmarks on UNH’s Durham campus also represent the most visible evidence of the success of CELEBRATE 150.
  • UNH class of 2022 infographic

    The Class of 2022: By the Numbers

    Get to know UNH's newest undergrads.
  • UNH PhD candidate Michael Staley

    Fighting Suicide with Science

    A UNH graduate student is the nation’s first psychological autopsy examiner.
  • A graphic showing the results of The 603 Challenge

    Challenge Accepted

    Wildcats have set new records with The (603) Challenge 2018.
  • Volcano

    Eruption Clues

    Much like a forensic team recreates a scene to determine how a crime was committed, UNH researchers are using scientific sleuthing to better understand the journey of magma, or molten rock, in one of...
  • Wisdom on Aging

    Wisdom on Aging

    As America gets older, UNH research helps to promote happy, healthy aging.
  • A UNH student in a laboratory, working

    Paving the Way for Student Success

    They're making a difference in the lives of students, one multimillion dollar gift at a time. 
  • photos from the top five stories in UNH Today during 2017

    Top 10 Stories of 2017

    From the Granite Guarantee to an impressive new ranking for Paul College, here’s a look at the top stories of 2017.
  • collage of photos from UNH's fall 2017 semester

    1,000 Words

    A photographic look at the fall semester of 2017.
  • illustration of UNH's Thompson Hall and a snowman
  • infographic on tuition dollars per year

    Serving Those Who Serve

    In November, UNH joined about 100 universities and colleges around the nation in waiving its application fee for members of the military. While this measure is new, the university’s efforts to help...
  • Todd Guerdat harvests the donated tilapia
  • the counter at Saxby's coffee shop

    Coffee with Conscience

    Paying homage to Saxbys founder and CEO Nick Bayer’s own experience, the company has created a scholarship to give opportuntities to first-generation students at UNH.
  • Celebrate 150: The Campaign for UNH progress graph

    CELEBRATE 150: The Campaign for UNH

    A third of the way through the final year of UNH’s comprehensive campaign, the university has plenty to celebrate.
  • illustration of U.S. and UNH USafeUS app icons

    Tech Support

    Prevention Innovations Research Center’s uSafeUS app goes national and has added new features that can be used to help prevent an assault.
  • illustration of roads in a town flooding

    Road Scholars

    Researchers find rising seas could cause flooded roads in unexpected places on New Hampshire’s Seacoast.
  • UNH alumnus Dick Dewing ’53 and assistants shoot off the cannon at a UNH football game

    Football’s Fish

    Since 2003, Dick Dewing ’53 has headed up a cannon crew for the Wildcats’ home football games, firing off blank shots after each UNH touchdown.
  • students serving food at international luncheon

    A Taste of the World

    Fairchild Hall’s International Food Luncheon offers a taste of the world.
  • UNH alumnus Dick Dewing '53 firing the cannon at UNH's homecoming football game

    The Roar of the Score

    The man behind the cannon at Wildcat Stadium is no ordinary fan. 
  • UNH students walking in front of Hamilton Smith Hall

    Encouraging Mutual Respect, Dialogue

    UNH Faculty Senate's motion aims to improve campus climate.
  • UNH football players and marching band run across the field during the Homecoming 2017 football game

    What a Weekend It Was

    View a few of the sights from Homecoming & Family Weekend 2017.
  • map of U.S. showing locations of UNH alumni events

    Celebrate With Us, Wherever You Are!

    Get ready for a year of fun and fascinating gatherings across the country.
  • UNH University Day

    University Day Delights

    Highlights from University Day 2017
  • collaged image of UNH's new faculty 2017

    UNH Welcomes New Faculty

    From pastries to pi, new professors, lecturers, researchers and specialists bring diverse talents.
  • UNH class of 2021 infographic

    The Class of 2021: By the Numbers

    They come from 37 states and 19 countries. Here's a glimpse of the UNH class of 2021.
  • abstract sustainability illustration of leaves, eyes, bugs and part of an institution

    Blue and White and Green All Over

    Take a walk through campus and it’s easy to get lost in UNH’s natural beauty. Tree-lined sidewalks border burbling streams and wander over gently rolling hills and past jutting rocks. In the silence...
  • an illustration of corn plants growing out of the earth and a plate of food

    Farm to Future

    Exploring the link between food and sustainability.
  • illustration of trees, people, a rainbow, buildings, rain, clouds, and technology on top of a globe with eyes

    New Angles on Old Problems

    Prof. Tom Haines examines questions about our present industrial world and a sustainable future in “Walking to the Sun.”
  • illustration of buildings against a green circular background

    A Carbon-Neutral Future

    Ask Cameron Wake to describe UNH’s response to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE) and one word comes to mind: aggressive. WildCAP, the university’s climate action plan, is “considerably more...
  • UNH student Kathryn Bennett ’18

    Starting Somewhere

    For Kathryn Bennett ’18, a student in the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, an interest in sustainability began at a young age. “I have always been passionate about protecting wildlife and...
  • illustration of a person presenting research

    People Power

    Former UNH provost John Aber is a world-renowned expert in natural resources and the environment who today concentrates most of his research in the area of sustainable ecosystem management. He co-...
  • collage of images from UNH's 150th anniversary celebrations across the U.S.

    Celebrating 150

    CELEBRATE 150: The Campaign for UNH is looking to finish strong as it heads into the second and final year of its public phase. At the campaign launch celebration last September, UNH President Mark W...
  • pink and red illustration of an invasive seaweed

    Red Alert

    Walk along a beach in New England, and chances are you’ll encounter piles of fine red seaweed washed up in drifts at the waterline. While it may look harmless enough, the fiber-like weed,...
  • a photo collage of different UNH 2017 graduates
  • map of US showing where UNH faculty will be watching total eclipse

    Chasing the Moon

    UNH faculty are traveling to what's known as the path of totality to witness the Aug. 21 eclipse. Find out where they're going.
  • Reunion Weekend 2017
  • UNH Wildcat Quiz graphic - What's your Wildcat nature?

    What’s Your Wildcat Nature?

    Are you an information magnet or a solitude seeker? Curiosity quencher or finisher of projects others have abandoned? What’s your Wildcat nature? Take this quiz to find out.
  • UNH students in Hood House

    Stairways to Studying Abroad

    Eleven students received study-abroad scholarships this spring.
  • UNH students discussing their play at the URC

    Act III: Bringing UNH History to Life

    What does it take to write an original play and the score to accompany it? “A good amount of homework we weren’t expecting,” says one of the cast members. But, boy did it pay off.
  • UNH URC ISE infographic illustration

    ISE by the Numbers

    A look at the Undergraduate Research Conference's largest event
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