Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kristin Duisberg

I don’t know if you noticed, but we’ve changed a couple things about UNH Magazine. There’s the new masthead, the new “Current” section, the newly integrated “Alumni News” and “Class Notes” sections — in fact, it might be easier to talk about what hasn’t changed. 

We understand: Change, even when it’s for the better, can be disorienting. The changes we’ve made here reflect countless hours of research regarding alumni magazine best practices, the input of UNH leadership groups on and off campus, and the feedback many of you provided in the magazine survey we conducted in winter 2013 –14. We hope they also reflect our love for UNH, our passion for good storytelling and engaging design and our desire to create a UNH Magazine that truly represents this great university and its alumni.

It’s no accident that we chose the theme of “innovation” to introduce this new-look UNH Magazine. In its many shapes and forms, innovation — the creation of a new method, product or way of looking at something — drives every aspect of life at UNH. In our features, you’ll read about the way kinesiology professor Erik Swartz is taking a dramatically different approach to the thorny issue of sports-related head injuries, and how local alumni are helping to drive the booming craft beer industry. You’ll also see the mannner in which innovation and intellectual discovery go hand in hand — and sometimes lead to real-world products that benefit individuals well beyond UNH and the Granite State.

Approaching my third anniversary with UNH Magazine just as UNH celebrates its milestone 150th birthday, I have taken on the prospect of changing this flagship publication with sincere admiration for its previous incarnations (which, as page 2 illustrates, are more numerous than you may have realized). Fan of the new class notes format? Something you miss? Good or bad, I’d love to hear from you.


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old UNH Magazines
The first "UNH Magazine," The New Hampshire State Alumnus, was printed in 1922 (at top left). The publication has gone through multiple metamorphoses over the past century!


Originally published in UNH Magazine Spring 2016 Issue


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