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  • Students in front of IOL

    All in the Timing

    With a new gift from the Internet Society, UNH’s InterOperability Laboratory (IOL) is undertaking a project to increase the security of the widely deployed NTP using a new standard called network...

    A Quantum Leap

    Tan Dao ’21 has been accepted into Harvard University’s doctoral program in physics, consistently ranked among the best in the world.
  • female student

    Angels Among Us

    A gift from S. Melvin Rines '47 continues to give students' hands-on experience as angel investors.
  • Sawyer Hall

    Campus Essentials

    Every Monday and Wednesday evening at 7 p.m., Peterson Hall director and former UNH football running back and co-captain Trevon Bryant ’18 leads a group of students through a 45-minute Wildcat-worthy...
  • Hamel Rec Center set up with cots

    Getting to Yes

    Even as UNH’s faculty members conduct their spring semester classes online, providing students with a much-needed sense of normalcy, other members of the university community are coming together to...
  • Kristin Duisberg
  • Driven to Cure

    Driving to a Cure

    LAST FALL, when medical tests revealed that Dawn Cockrum’s 8-year-old daughter, Lily, was at high risk for a rare disease called hereditary leiomyomatosis and renal cell cancer (HLRCC), the Winston-...
  • Dean

    Raising Our Own Sights Higher

    The Strategic Priorities
  • UNH Marching Band

    Parade Season

    A 100TH BIRTHDAY IS A MILESTONE worthy of a parade — or, in the case of the Wildcat Marching Band, two. Last November, the 125-some member band traveled to Philadelphia to march in that city’s annual...
  • Fairchild Dairy

    A Moo-ving Reunion

    Things weren't looking particularly good for Ruby, a cow in the UNH dairy herd, in December 2018. En route to being milked at the university’s Fairchild Dairy Teaching and Research Center, the 1,200-...
  • Sculpture
  • Kristin Duisberg

    In This Issue...

    Six years as editor of UNH Magazine have given me the opportunity to share a variety of stories: some fun, others inspiring, and many — I hope — thought-provoking. But I don’t think we’ve ever put...
  • Sam Coffey '14
  • 20 Years of What Ifs

    20 Years of What Ifs

    UNH's URC, now in its 21st year, is about much more than mice and test tubes.
  • Judge Bean

    Long Overdue Honors

    Arthur E. Bean Jr. can say he’s done a lot of things.
  • Rich Aaronian ’67

    The Long View

    Rich Aaronian ’67 is the prestigious PEA’s longest-tenured instructor.
  • Duane Whittier '50

    In Memoriam: Duane Whittier ’50

    Duane Whittier '50 retired in 2016 from the UNH philosophy department where he’d spent five decades of his distinguished teaching career.
  • UNH moose research

    A Critical Pathway

    Cody Symonds ’19 can tell you how many ticks fit on a 10-month-old moose, and the answer isn’t pretty.
  • Sowing the Seeds of Research Success

    Sowing the Seeds of Research Success

    A neuroscience fund is helping faculty secure national grants.
  • Dick Umile with coach

    Honoring a Wildcat Legend

    Introducing the Richard C. Umile ’72 Hockey Scholarship Fund.
  • Ryan Day '02

    Ryan Day '02 Named Ohio State Football Head Coach

    The former UNH quarterback set nine school records. 
  • Student conducting bee research

    Beyond Imagining: Research and Innovation

    UNH research helps build springboards for the future.
  • Kristin Waterfield Duisberg with Jim and Jan Dean

    In This Issue

    A quick look at the contents of the fall 2018 edition of UNH Magazine.
  • T-Hall

    CELEBRATE 150: The Campaign That Did

    CELEBRATE 150: The Campaign for UNH made a lasting impact on the students, faculty and staff members.
  • Students at St. Marten Career Exploration Office

    Beyond Imagining: Program Support

    Support for UNH programs during CELEBRATE 150 made up nearly 40 percent, or $115.7 million, of the $307.9 million total.
  • Erica, Julia and Raymond Zabkar

    Beyond Imagining: Student Support

    Philanthropy helps make UNH the university of choice.
  • PAUL Atrium

    Beyond Imagining: Capital Projects

    Two of the most prominent landmarks on UNH’s Durham campus also represent the most visible evidence of the success of CELEBRATE 150.
  • Tee sculpture at UNH by carving artist Tim Pickett

    A Tree Story

    The windstorm that took down all but the base of one of UNH's towering trees didn’t mean its end.
  • Christine Loeber

    In Memoriam: Christine Loeber ’91

    She made a difference.
  • hand and quill tree sculpture

    A Tree Story

    The windstorm that took down all but the base of one of the Durham campus’ towering trees didn’t spell its end.
  • Kristin Waterfield Duisberg

    In This Issue ...

    Editor-in-chief Kristin Waterfield Duisberg previews the spring edition, which is all about transitions. 
  • Noah Grove '21

    Golden Opportunities

    While his classmates likely returned from their spring breaks with golden tans, Noah Grove ’21 brought back actual gold.
  • Members of the UNH orchestra with conductor David Upham during a 2017 performance at the Music Hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

    A Sweet Note

    Inspired by his love of music, UNH professor emeritus Duane Whittier ’50 has started a fund that will provide scholarships for music majors.
  • Jim Curtis poses for portrait photo on a bench on the UNH Durham campus.

    Full Circle

    For Jim Curtis ’99, repaying a professor’s kindness means passing it on.
  • a UNH men's soccer player

    An Opportunity to Play

    The Wildcat soccer and and lacrosse teams will soon have a new place to call home.
  • UNH alumnus Jim Curtis ’99

    Full Circle

    Jim Curtis ’99 established a scholarship fund in remembrance of a UNH professor who helped teach him “the importance of having a flexible mind.”
  • UNH students working for the McGregor Memorial Emergency Medical Service

    Esprit de (Ambulance) Corps

    For 50 years, UNH’s volunteer emergency medical service has served the community and set future caregivers on their path.
  • Kristin Duisberg sitting on the back of a McGregor EMS ambulance

    In This Issue...

    Kristin Waterfield Duisberg reflects on her childhood memories of McGregor Emergency Medical Services (EMS).
  • UNH alumnus Jim Curtis ’99

    Mental Health

    A medical leave of absence from UNH and a professor's support helped make Jim Curtis ’99 who he is today.
  • UNH professor emeritus J. Brent Loy with Slick Pik summer squash

    The Matchmaker

    J. Brent Loy puts the cucurbits on your table.
  • abstract sustainability illustration of leaves, eyes, bugs and part of an institution

    Blue and White and Green All Over

    Take a walk through campus and it’s easy to get lost in UNH’s natural beauty. Tree-lined sidewalks border burbling streams and wander over gently rolling hills and past jutting rocks. In the silence...
  • illustration of a person presenting research

    People Power

    Former UNH provost John Aber is a world-renowned expert in natural resources and the environment who today concentrates most of his research in the area of sustainable ecosystem management. He co-...
  • Kristin Duisberg visiting some cows at the UNH organic dairy

    In This Issue...

    When I started working at UNH in October 2008, there were two high-profile topics I recall as taking up many staff writers’ time. One was the installment of a then brand-new President Mark Huddleston...
  • members of UNH ROTC holding an American flag

    Step to the Front

    Brig. Gen. John N. Dailey ’62 proposed the idea of establishing a UNH Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Hall of Fame back in 1997 in part to solve a problem: Attendance at the group’s annual...
  • UNH student Peter Abdu ’17 receives a check for $8000

    Engaging with Innovation

    In May, six undergraduate students received awards totaling $19,500 — just for participating in idea and innovation activities around UNH’s Durham campus. Peter Abdu ’17, Abby Kourafas ’18, Brady...
  • UNH student and runner Katie Litwinowich Meinelt ’03, ’04G crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon

    Victory Lap

    Former Wildcat beat cancer and went on to run her 11th Boston Marathon.
  • Kristin Duisberg in a closet with some SCUBA gear

    In This Issue...

    One of the great privileges of serving as editor of this magazine is having the opportunity to connect with so many of the university’s alumni. This issue’s sesquicentennial wrap-up, “150 Years of...
  • Bioengineering Boon

    Bioengineering Boon

    It sounds impossibly futuristic, but it’s actually the future: a new New Hampshire-based industry built around efforts to manufacture regenerative human tissue, and possibly even organs, for...
  • Mark Huddleston at a podium

    Campaign Chat

    UNH Magazine catches up with President Mark Huddleston about Celebrate 150.
  • Celebrate 150: One Hundred and Fifty Milestone Moments feature cover page from the UNH Magazine

    One Hundred and Fifty Milestone Moments

    We all experience moments that carve themselves into memory. Some of those moments are watershed — graduations, marriages, births, deaths — while others are more mundane. At the ripe old age of 150,...
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