Research Communication

Research Communication
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Research Communication is designed to improve the ability of climate resilience professionals to empathize more closely with and assist communities more constructively to consider strategies, including retreat, in the face of increasing risk.

Reach out to Dan Kleinmann, Program Manager at any time.

What People are Saying About UNDERCURRENTS

"This is a great tool to help humanize the problem."

"Excellent  plenary and a really interesting way to portray the complex values and perspectives around the idea of managed retreat"

"Undercurrents made explicit a lot of what I was already aware of - but in a way that was beneficial to reexamine and discuss. I think this kind of consciousness is extremely important to explore with different types of individuals."

"Got us out of 'academic' headspace into direct community engagement and the messiness that this entails."

"This was the best part of the conference in my opinion. It was such an interesting approach to exploring communications and outreach. The actors were amazing in their ability to both stay in character, be improvisational, and have a great grasp on the issues. Kudos to all for the concept and execution."

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