Improv & Role-Play Training

Improv & Role-Play Training
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Galvanize and strengthen your workforce through experiential improv-based training.

Our deep and diverse roster of professional actors, improvisers, and facilitators are available for custom fit workshops and role-play training no matter what industry you're in.

Creative Team Building Through Improvisation

We improvise every day. Learn how to harness that power for good!

The core tennets of improvisation-communication, creativity, active listening, and thinking outside the box - are all vital and necessary skills for us in our daily lives, no matter what sector we're in. PowerPlay can offer 90 minute, half-day, or full-day workshops focused on utilizing improvisation techniques to improve company culture and performance. Whether you're looking to bring your team together for an afternoon or rewire how you're thinking about creative problem-solving in the workplace, PowerPlay is here to help.

Role-Play Training

While PowerPlay is focused on creating environments for you to observe our actors dealing with stressful situations at an arm's length we're also available for one-on-one roleplay training sessions for those who'd like to take their experience to the next level.

When we're met with a stressful situation, our brains go into Fight or Flight mode. The best way for us to mitigate that stress is to practice those moments of tension in a safe, controlled environments. PowerPlay is ready to work with you and your staff through more direct, hands-on training around issues of aggressive behavior, motivational interviewing techniques, or moments of moral conflict in the workplace.

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Questions? PowerPlay would be happy to help.