Editorial Staff


Paul Tsang

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Faculty Director of the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research; Professor, Department of Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical Sciences

Senior Editor


Brigid Carroll Casellini holds a bachelor’s degree in horticulture from the University of New Hampshire and a graduate certificate in publishing and communications from Harvard University. She has worked for several magazine and book publishers in the greater Boston area and has been a senior editor of Inquiry since 2005. She resides in Newburyport, Massachusetts, with her husband and three children.



Valerie Moyer holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Vermont and a doctorate in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies from Stony Brook University. She has a variety of writing and editing experience for academic and online publications. Valerie became an editor of Inquiry in the winter of 2023. As a scholar of gender in sports, she enjoys running and a host of other outdoor activities. 

Student Editors

Alexis Fleming is a sophomore psychology pre-med major with a minor in human development and family studies. She was born in Athens, Georgia and lived there until she moved to Norton, Massachusetts at ten years old. Alexis chose to attend UNH because of its constant sense of community, the beautiful locations within and outside campus, and the accessibility to countless opportunities. In addition to her student editor role here at Inquiry, she is involved on campus as a resident assistant in Handler Hall and a professional and career services peer ambassador. Alexis joined the Inquiry team this past spring and was drawn to the role because of her love for reading and writing. Furthermore, she enjoys learning about new research topics students are passionate about. After she graduates in 2026 and potentially completes an accelerated master’s program at UNH, Alexis plans to advance her career at medical school where she intends to earn her doctorate degree and become a psychiatrist. She loves dogs (and owns seven!), loves blasting music, thrifting, mental health and “Sunday resets”, where she can reset after a long week.  

A second-year member of Inquiry’s editorial board, Cassidy O’Brien is a sophomore biology major from Bethlehem, New York. She is a member of the Hamel Honors and Scholars College and became a student editor for Inquiry to gain firsthand knowledge of the research being conducted on campus as well as to gain editing experience. Research has played a large role in Cassidy’s experience at UNH: the strength of research opportunities was a driving factor in her choice to attend the school, along with the welcoming campus environment. She is currently conducting research as an undergraduate and then aims to pursue graduate studies. Outside of academics, Cassidy is passionate about reproductive health and care, particularly the availability of sex education. 

Sarah Nicholls, of Exeter, New Hampshire, is a biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology major with a writing minor, graduating in May 2025. Sarah is a member of the Hamel Honors and Scholars College as well as the Phi Sigma Biological Honor Society. She also works as a stage manager with the Mask and Dagger Dramatic Society and takes voice lessons through the music department. Sarah is currently a research assistant in Dr. Matthew MacManes’s genomics and physiology lab. She chose to attend the University of New Hampshire due to her interest in the research opportunities and joined the Inquiry editorial board in the fall of 2023 after writing and publishing her own research article in the spring. Her interest in both research and writing, as well as her mom’s work as a professional editor, gives her an appreciation for the publishing process. After graduating from UNH, Sarah plans to pursue graduate studies, likely a PhD in genetics or biochemistry. Following her graduate work, she hopes to join the research industry, focusing on human genetics from a biomedical perspective. She is fascinated by genetics and genes—so much of life is encoded in such tiny molecules and there is still so much about them that is unknown, waiting for the right person to crack the code.

Returning from a semester abroad in France, Anna Scheifele continues her contributions to Inquiry for what is now her third year. Her interest in editing as a future career has not only drawn her to be a part of the Inquiry team but has also expanded her extracurriculars to editing for The New Hampshire, a student-run newspaper. Anna’s time at UNH has allowed her to immerse herself in the large Wildcat community which was one of her reasons for choosing UNH three years ago. As a senior, double major in French and English, Anna is also a member of the University Honors Program and works at the UNH Dairy Bar. Anna hopes for a future in which she can travel (preferably back to France!), obtain her master’s degree in translation, learn more foreign languages, and relax by the TV with her friends and a good cup of coffee.