Honors Withdrawal Form

Members of the University Honors Program can use this form to withdraw. After withdrawing, the Honors courses you have taken will remain on your transcript, and you may choose to pursue Honors in Major if your grades qualify. We appreciate any feedback you would like to give us that will help us improve our program. All responses will be used by the Honors Program for our own program evaluations, not shared beyond our office.



Do you receive a Hamel Scholarship or Governor's Success Scholarship? 
Yes (These scholarships require membership in the University Honors Program and will be discontinued if you withdraw)
No (Withdrawing from Honors will have no effect on your scholarships or financial aid)
Why are you leaving the Honors Program? Check all that apply.
Do you plan to pursue Honors in Major? If so, we will change your status from University Honors to Honors in Major.
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