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The ECenter's Start-Up Speaker Series connects you with proven entrepreneurs who share real stories about their challenges and victories on the path to success.


Top Reasons to Participate:

ECenter Start-Up Speaker Series

  •   Hear from diverse innovators who show what's possible
  •   Speakers are often UNH alums and know what you can achieve
  •   Rotating speakers means there's always a new story to inspire you
  •  Get fired up about what you can do with your own idea or start-up




Back-to-back Stories from UNH alumni

Jerome DuBois ’96  “Concrete Foundations - the lessons learned during a career of startups”

Toby Ripsom ’01 “The Entrepreneurial Highs and Lows of Growing a Cannabis company in Colorado”  


March 10, 2021

5:30 - 7:30 PM | Virtual Event


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Meet Our Speakers

Jerome Dubois, Co-Founders/Co-CEO, 6 River Systems

Jerome Dubois is Co-Founder/Co-CEO at 6 River Systems, a Shopify company. He is responsible for all go-to-market functions including product strategy, marketing, sales, sales operations, solutions, and customer success activities. Prior to 6RS, Jerome wasleading Business Development initiatives at Amazon, and on the leadership team at Kiva Systems (Amazon Robotics). He is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and university guest lecturer, and has over 25 years of experience in supply chain technology. Jerome received an MBA from Northeastern University in Supply Chain and Finance and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire.

TOBY RIPSOM '01, CEO, Avér Skin, and Co-Founder, Veritas Fine Cannabis

Mr. Ripsom is currently the CEO of Avér Skin a cannabinoid-driven skin care firm.  Prior to Avér, in 2014 Mr. Ripsom co-founded Colorado's first wholesale cultivation and current market leading luxury flower purveyor since 2014, Veritas Fine Cannabis.  Prior to Cannabis, Mr. Ripsom held several roles in the real estate development and private equity sectors specializing in the Mountain West geography and resort town / golf development.At Avér, in addition to general leadership and firm-wide managerial oversight, he is currently overseeing production and launch for early 2021.  Avér is leading the industry in empirical efficacy of cannabinoid usage on the skin; it's initial launch portfolio consists of a hydrating night crème, pain crème, and wound healing balm.  At Veritas Fine Cannabis, Toby actively advises the brand on finance, legal, strategy and expansion. 

In 2019, Veritas Fine Cannabis contracted with Cookies Enterprises, a California-based flower brand, as their exclusive Colorado cultivator and distributor.  Between the two offerings, across a handful of SKU's, Veritas & Cookies are regarded as the connoisseurs choice of cannabis in Colorado and command most of the top shelf real estate across the state, while selling roughly 40,000 units/week.  Though artisanal in nature Veritas entities currently own/lease over 70,000 square feet of cultivation in Denver with a constant eye on new acquisitions and further expansion markets.  They employ over 125 employees in Colorado to conduct their cultivation and production largely by hand to consistently deliver the highest quality products known to the consumer.




Join Jamie Baker of Pierce Atwood, PLC as he outlines the legal essentials of what you need when you have an idea or want to launch a company. Incorporations, patents, partnership agreements, NDA’s… what are they and when do you need them? An essential seminar for anyone who thinks they have an idea they want to grow!

Jamie provides individual legal consulting to some of UNH student companies and Pierce Atwood is the sponsor of the ECenter’s Summer Seed Grant.


March 1, 2021

5:30 - 6:30 PM | Virtual Event




All attendees will receive a complimentary gift card to a Hop + Grind!



Hosted by Pierce Atwood, LLP


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The Start-Up Speaker Series was inspiring and showed me how to look at dreams as a future reality. With some hard work and sacrifice, you can do a lot.

Participant, Fall 2019 Speaker Series


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