Maurice Prize - Registration on Intention to Compete



The 2020/2021 Maurice Prize for Innovation deadline has passed. Please check back in fall 2021 to participate in next year's competition. In the meantime, we encourage you to explore other ECenter resources like our Student Idea Fund, competition and idea coaching, and more!

By the submission of this Registration on Intention to Compete I (we) agree to the eligibility conditions that include: 1.) The Maurice Prize at UNH is limited to UNH undergraduate students only 2.) Can be submitted as an Individual UNH undergraduate student or as a team of UNH undergraduate students 3.) NO class projects or papers are eligible to win the Maurice Prize 4.) Projects are of the student/team’s choosing but are required to be extra-curricular and not used as part of any academic credit course including independent study With submission of this I (we) give permission to the ECenter at the University of New Hampshire to use photographs, audio and video recordings of me (us), without compensation, for promotional activities. All materials and summaries of the project will be available for future review on the website.
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