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The ECenter provides one-on-one idea coaching and consultation for business ideas, no matter where you are in the process. Whether you're looking for coaching for competitions or the next steps to take with your idea or start-up, the ECenter will provide one-on-one advising to get you started.

Top Reasons why UNH Students Participate in ECenter Coaching

  •   Comprehensive understanding of idea
  •   One-on-one coaching by experienced advisor
  •   Proven success in competitions



I cannot say enough about the invaluable experience I received being coached by the ECenter. I grew immeasurably in all areas of entrepreneurship including developing my business strategy, constructing my financial model, learning presentation skills and creating the documents, videos, and pitch needed for a scalable company. I do not have a business background, and the ECenter met me where I was at and believed in me, while also providing me with the tools and guidance needed.

Kendra Bostick '23G, ph.d. candidate and founder of kikori




The ECenter offers 1:1 coaching and mentoring from entrepreneurs who have built successful ventures. Everything from a quick question to on-going weekly sessions are available at no cost to you.





UNH is known for its active and supportive alumni. Their support and mentorship is widely embraced by those who share a passion for the entrepreneurial, start-up, and business owner experiences. The ECenter connects mentors with students, faculty/staff, and alumni who are looking for the perspective and assistance from those who have already been down the same path. We create a match based upon the skill set and industry of the mentor and the needs of the mentee.



  •  Weidma, Lavin, grott accounting, pc

WLGA is a certified public accounting firm dedicated to providing all our clients with personal attention in every aspect of their financial management. WLGA has generously donated services to UNH students in need of financial counseling for their start-ups.

These services are exclusively available to students. Requests must be directed through the ECenter at


For ideas that are confirmed and ready for LLC creation, partnership agreements, funding, and more, the ECenter's corporate partner, Pierce Atwood, LLP, has a limited number of hours to assist students. Any student wishing to utilize this service must first meet with the ECenter and receive approval and recommendation. 

Pierce Atwood, LLP services are exclusively available to students. Requests must be directed through the ECenter at

  •  CatchFire CREATIVE

CatchFire Creative is a Portsmouth, NH and Brooklyn, NY-based full-service creative agency specializing in branding, web design and development, and social media marketing. Founded by a UNH alum, CatchFire provides consulting and productive services to UNH students through the ECenter.

  •  Fishnet Media

Fishnet Media brings the best of both worlds in providing clients with engaging and effective brand experiences. They combine a strategic focus with strong creative skills and a deep knowledge of the technology/business systems to optimize these experiences.

  •  Raka

Raka Creative is a Portsmouth, NH-based award winning digital agency for clients of all sizes. Founded by a UNH alum during his undergraduate years, Raka provides marketing consulting and productive services to UNH students through the ECenter. In addition, Raka was a sponsor of the 2016 Summer Seed Grant.


SMILE Media, LLC is a website design, development and digital marketing agency based in Dover, NH. They work with a diverse group of marketing, design and software development staff dedicated to maximizing business performance through progressive thinking, technology efficiencies and analytics.

These services are exclusively available to students at no cost. Requests must be directed through the ECenter at

  •  goddard technologies, inc

Goddard Technologies, Inc, based in Beverly, Massachusetts, is a leader in product design and engineering in the greater Boston area. Their success is driven by an interdisciplinary development process that combines extensive and diverse engineering experience with manufacturable and creative industrial design solutions. Goddard's unique approach to product development motivates them to provide technical precision while providing new and unique user experiences. They have created many elegant solutions to technical challenges to drive industry success for their clients.

These services are exclusively available to students. Requests must be directed through the ECenter at