COVID-19 Awareness Training Webinar Series


Participants who complete the training will have an understanding of the basic and applied biology of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learners are introduced to core concepts in virology, immunology, and public health in order to comprehend COVID-19 infection, disease and prevention. After successfully completing the 9 sessions participants will have basic knowledge on the COVID-19 pandemic to make them better consumers of health information.

The webinar is divided into nine sessions of ten minutes or less. Each session addresses a central question or questions relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sessions begin with basic concepts and build to relevant COVID-19 information.

An assessment is embedded in each session to facilitate active learning and measure student outcomes. Each session concludes by dispelling a myth or misunderstanding regarding COVID-19 that is relevant to the session topic and is integrated into the assessment. A final assessment addresses the subject matter and myths presented in each session.

After successfully completing the 9 sessions participants receive an end-of-course certificate and digital badge.

Mozilla FireFox is the preferred browser for this training.

COVID-19 Awareness Training