Code of Conduct & SRRR

The University of New Hampshire, like any community, has established regulations and standards by which its members must abide and procedures by which the academic community functions. The Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities (SRRR), published annually by the Dean of Students, is a formal notification and explanation of the Code of Conduct, regulations, policies and procedures and official resource for students at UNH-Durham, UNH-Manchester and the Franklin Pierce School of Law, designed to support and maintain a scholarly community and advance the mission of the University.

The Student Code of Conduct of the SRRR, is a set of standards of student behavior and conduct that helps maintain a campus environment where ideas are freely exchanged, University property and processes are respected, and conflicts are peacefully resolved. These objectives are further outlined in Civic Standards of the University of New Hampshire and the Town of Durham. Community Standards is responsible for interpreting and enforcing the Conduct of Conduct and administering the University-wide conduct system when students and recognized student organizations are accused of engaging in prohibited conduct.

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Sunsetting the three strikes policy

2021 - 2022 SRRR & Student Code

The SRRR is updated annually to reflect changes to policy and procedure. For incidents that occurred during the 2021 - 2022 academic year, the SRRR and Student Code for that year is utilized in the conduct process. 

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