Leadership Labs

All Cadets

The goals of the Leadership Lab (LLAB) program are to provide:

Leadership Lab
  •  General Military Course (GMC; AS100/200) cadets an informative, motivational, and enjoyable program designed to familiarize them with the Air Force way-of-life while fostering followership, teamwork, and esprit de corps
  • Cadets scheduled to attend Field Training with the mental and physical skills needed to succeed in the AFROTC field training environment
  • Intermediate leaders with sufficient opportunities to begin to demonstrate and develop  the leadership and management skills required in order to function as an active duty lieutenant
  • Senior cadet leaders’ sufficient opportunities to demonstrate and develop the leadership and management skills needed to successfully function as an active duty lieutenant and to adequately prepare them to transition from the AFROTC environment to active duty


1st Year / Initial Military Training (GMC)

Initial Military Training

If you maintain a strong focus on your college academics, make a commitment
to physical fitness improvement, and give a conscientious effort to learn all you can from LLAB and class, you will be in an excellent position for the remainder of your cadet career. The first year lays the foundation for continued growth and development of knowledge and skills necessary to be a quality cadet and first-rate officer. You cannot continue in the AFROTC program unless your academics are strong! Find an appropriate balance between academics, AFROTC, and the rest of your student life.


2nd Year / Field Training Preparation (GMC)

Field Training Preparation

This year should provide you with many opportunities to get involved and to volunteer for increasing responsibilities within the Cadet Group. In doing this, you must always maintain a strong focus on your overall grades. Although you may pass LLAB, you will not gain admittance into the POC unless you attend Field Training. In order to do this, you must be in good academic standing with your university, meet entry scores on the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT), pass a military physical exam, and be in solid physical shape. Balancing all the demands placed upon you this year, excelling in your academics, and excelling at physical fitness should all be goals you set for yourself this term. The discipline you develop by making good grades and being physically fit will help you succeed at Field Training, as well as in your Air Force career.

3rd Year / Intermediate Cadet Leader (POC)

Intermediate Cadet Leader

It is important to keep in mind at all times that you are now a role model for the GMC and need to exhibit the highest standards in all you do. Part of your duties may now involve counseling and evaluating GMC performance. This will require sound, objective observations, as well as good communication skills. Motivating others and enhancing their performance begins with solid, continuous feedback.




4th Year / Senior Cadet Leader (POC)

Senior Cadet Leader

Take advantage of any Air Force guests we have in LLAB this year to answer questions about entering active duty. You must not forget that the example you set will echo through the rest of the Cadet Corps, so make it the one you would have wanted to look up to as a new cadet. Now is your chance to finish your cadet careers in style by providing the best training possible to the Corps and, in the process, experience personal growth.