Benefits of ROTC

Can you assign a dollar value to leadership? To confidence? How about a brilliant future and a guaranteed career? One thing you can put a value on is a college scholarship. Beyond that, the benefits of Air Force ROTC are priceless.

Experience a normal college life:

  • Take part in experiences that you will remember for a lifetime.
  • Grow as an individual and gain a sense of belonging with a group of peers who share common interests.
  • Develop a healthy and fit lifestyle.
  • Visit Air Force bases in the United States and overseas (and get paid for it).
  • Travel free on space-available military flights as a contracted cadet.
  • Take part in extreme Air Force summer adventures.

Focus on school:

  • Take the classes you want at the college you want to attend. Air Force ROTC classes complement your academic major.
  • Get college credit for Air Force ROTC courses.
  • College tuition partially or fully paid for: two-, three- or four-year scholarships that pay tuition, fees and books.
  • Get extra spending money: $300 to $500 nontaxable monthly allowance while in school.
  • Learn new organizational skills to help you succeed in other classes.
  • Get the opportunity to delay active-duty entry to pursue a graduate degree.
  • AFROTC Scholarships

Manage your future:

  • Get management experience you will use as an Air Force officer or in corporate America.
  • Secure a management level job in over 150 officer career paths after graduation.
  • Become part of a post-graduation network of graduates in the military and commercial world.
  • Develop managerial skills through hands-on practice running the cadet corps.
  • Hone your teamwork skills through group problem-solving exercises.

Information courtesy AFROTC