Can you assign a dollar value to leadership? To confidence? How about a brilliant future and a guaranteed career? One thing you can put a value on is a college scholarship. Beyond that, the benefits of Air Force ROTC are priceless.

Here at the University of New Hampshire, you will find not only a skilled Cadre and extraordinary cadet wing, but also a family. With roughly 70 cadets, you will be able to make friendships that last a lifetime and receive extensive hands-on training.




Please click here to register for our New Cadet Orientation Program, which will be taking place from 20-23 Aug 2019. Registration is due by 25 July for UNH students.  



Frequently Asked Questions

If I Join Air Force ROTC, Does That Mean I Am Joining The Military?

No. If you got a four-year scholarship from high school, then the first year of college is paid for, and you can quit at the end of your freshman year with no obligation. If you got a three-year scholarship from high school or college then you are not committed to the Air Force until you accept your scholarship (usually in the fall of your sophomore year). If you did not get any scholarship, then you are not committed to joining the Air Force until you start your junior year of college.

Do I Have To Join Air Force ROTC As A Freshman?

No. Any undergraduate student with three or more years remaining should be eligible. So if you are a second-semester freshman, a sophomore or otherwise and have at least three years remaining in your undergraduate studies, you are likely able to join the ROTC program.




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