Intercollegiate Athletics

17 Intercollegiate Athletics (ad/ss)

17.1 Certification and Eligibility

The UNH compliance staff is responsible for compiling and verifying the data that the institution’s Eligibility Committee relies upon to certify the eligibility of all student-athletes for practice, competition, and athletically related financial aid in the intercollegiate athletics program, which operates under the terms and conditions of the bylaws of the NCAA and member conferences. Students enrolled in the Thompson School are not eligible for participation in intercollegiate athletics, under NCAA rules, since it does not offer a program of studies leading to a baccalaureate or equivalent degree as defined by the institution.

17.2 Funding

It is the policy of the University of New Hampshire that both men and women student-athletes have equal access to funds for athletic scholarships for participation in intercollegiate athletic programs. Criteria and proce­dures for awarding such scholarships shall be formulated by the director of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics (University Senate; March 17, 1975).

17.3 Intercollegiate Athletics

The University is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the America East Conference, the Colonial Athletic Association, Hockey East, Eastern Atlantic Gymnastics League, Eastern College Athletics Con­ference, and Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Association and is governed by those rules and regulations that are on file in the Intercollegiate Athletics Office in the Field House.