24. EVICTION. A housing eviction requires a resident to move out of the residence hall/apartment system within 48 hours after the University judi­cial process is completed. Residents evicted or suspended for reasons of con­duct are financially responsible for that semesters rent. It is important to understand that eviction can happen for a first offense. Incidents that may result in eviction from the residence hall/apartment system include, but are not limited to:

  • Possession, use or distribution of illegal drugs or potential drug parapher­nalia
  • Hosting a gathering in student rooms, student suites or student apart­ments that involves illegal alcohol possession or use
  • Acts of violence, including physical assault, sexual misconduct, and destruction or vandalism of property
  • Responsibility for a false fire alarm or bomb threat
  • Possession of a weapon or simulated weapon
  • Theft of personal or university property
  • Endangerment to self or others in the community
  • Repeated violations of community standards or University policies