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Welcome to the University and to the Division of Student and Academic Services (SAS)

The division of SAS is made up of many people and departments all of whom do great work with our students stemming from the admissions process all the way to the lives of students living in the residence halls to the recreation available to them at the Hamel Rec Center and more.  In much of this important work with students it has become more evident that many have mental health challenges and that we need to do more to help those working with the students to be aware of the signs of significant distress and to help them develop the tools needed to deal with these situations. 

We have recently purchased a training that is geared toward learning more about students who might be at risk as well as students who are veterans and those who identify as LGBTQA.  This training is called Kognito and is described as an interactive training program that will help anyone in the UNH community identify and refer students who may be struggling with mental health concerns.  The link to view the training can be found at the UNH Counseling Center website http://www.unhcc.unh.edu/

We hope you find the training helpful and that if you have any questions or comments about it, that you will contact Sean Moundas, Staff Psychologist at the counseling center at 862-2090.    

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UNH Disability Services Clockwork
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Welcome Back Students and Welcome Clockwork!

DSS launched “Clockwork” this semester (fall 2014).  Clockwork is a complete scheduling and data management system designed to meet the specialized needs of disability service provision. Work on DSS’s implementation of Clockwork began in early 2012. ClockWork provides 24/7 online access for UNH students & instructors through a secure portal. Students now have one site to use to schedule appointments with DSS staff, make a reservation to have DSS proctor their exam (when their instructor cannot) view their Accommodation Letters & course notes (if approved for the notetaking accommodation) online. ClockWork also allows instructors to verify & confirm test/exam information, accommodations and upload testing/exam materials.  Lastly, students no longer submit their disability documentation and Request form in paper.  This is also now done via a secure portal.  A growing number of colleges and universities are now using this system as well.

Students may submit their request to be registered: clockwork.unh.edu/register 

Information on the Clockwork Services-Student Portal http://www.unh.edu/disabilityservices/clockwork-services-student-portal

Information on the Clockwork Services-Instructor Portal http://www.unh.edu/disabilityservices/clockwork-services-faculty-portal

If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Berger; 603-862-2607.