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January Term

Past Featured Online Course

Clinical Kinesiology (KIN 652)

100% online course

Credits 4.0

The science of human movement from biomechanical, neuromuscular, and anatomical perspectives; human muscular, joint, and connective tissue anatomy; and actions of skeletal muscles are detailed.
KIN 652 - Prerequisites: BMS 507 & 508. Corequisite KIN 653A is not required during January Term; however, you will need to contact the Registrar's Office or the Kinesiology Department before you register in order to have the corequisite waived.

Instructor Bio: John Miller, Ph.D., ATC

Questions for John Miller, Ph.D., ATC

Is there a difference between January Term and traditionally scheduled classes?

Yes there is. Other than the time compression, this January Term course is completely online with the benefit of learning at your own pace. In addition, I use various technology tools to bring the material to life in the online classroom.

Why should students be interested in this subject matter?

The course is about the human body and we all have one. Understanding how your body works will make your own exercise more interesting as well as allowing you to help others with their exercise.

Do you have a philosophy about learning?

I believe in active learning. The videos are designed to engage the students with exercises following each section. In addition I am available for meetings online to clarify any points and give the students the personal attention they may need.