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January Term

Past Featured Online Course

Introduction to Russian Culture and Civilization (HIST 563)

E-Course 100% online, no campus visits required.

Credits 4.0

Interdisciplinary course on the development of Russian culture from its origins through the end of the 19th century. Historical documents, literary works, ethnographic materials, films, slides of Russian art, and music.

Instructor Bio: Cathy A. Frierson, Ph.D.

Questions for Cathy A. Frierson, Ph.D.

How does teaching this class online change your approach?

I am able to use more visual materials and give every student a way to explain what they see in the images and what the images convey about Russian culture. Through the journal and blog activities, I also learn every student's perceptions and understandings of the lectures and readings.

Why should students be interested in this subject matter?
Russia has been a world culture since the tenth century and a major world power consistently since the early eighteenth century. Russia is one of the two most important Eurasian powers and cultures in world history.

Do you have a philosophy about learning?
I believe that the best learning is active learning. For that reason, my online course has multiple short response activities which students are required to submit. This keeps students on top of the readings and lectures and enables me to get to know them through the work they submit. I also believe there are many different learning styles. For that reason, my online course involves assignments designed for visual learners, students who understand a culture through literature as well as through laws, and students who like working with maps. The assignments are very diverse in content and method.