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Sailing/Kayaking/Paddleboarding: Week 4

Sailing/Kayaking/SUP Summer 2024: Week 4

Monday-Friday, July 15-19

Wait List: A wait list for full sessions of this program will be open May 1-June 15, unless full earlier. Enrolling on a wait list from a Family Account is not currently supported. We recommend you attempt to log into your student's account and read the instructions for enrolling on a wait list prior to May 1: How to Enroll on a Wait List

Please note that we are not able to provide information about a student's position on the wait list or the likelihood they will be invited to enroll. It is unlikely there will be any movement on the wait list prior to June 1. Movement on a wait list typically occurs when another participant drops out of the program. If spaces open and your child is being moved off the wait list, an invitation to enroll will be sent via email to the preferred email address on the student account. These emails include a link to enroll your child in the camp. This link is only active for 48 hours, and it is the family responsibility to monitor their email for any wait list information. Be sure to check all email folders, including junk/spam. If you receive an email invitation to enroll off the wait list, instructions are included in the email, and further details are provided in this document: How to Enroll after a Wait List Invitation

The UNH Community Sailing Centre (UNHCSC) offers a variety of sessions for students ages 5-18 of any ability. Sessions are offered in 7, one-week formats, Monday-Friday. Morning sessions run from 9am-12pm. Afternoon sessions run from 12:30-3:30pm.

All classes are physical in nature. Sailing is highly conceptual, and students learn at different rates and in different ways. The program allows for these differences by helping kids master the requisite skills at their own pace. Students wear Lifejackets and PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) at all times while on the docks or in boats. Students in Guppy must provide their own PFD; all other classes can use those provided by the Sailing Centre. Closed-toe shoes must be worn at all times.

Swim Check: Students under the age of 18 are required to pass a swim check at the start of each session. The check is a swim of 25 yards and treading water for 5 minutes. The Guppy check is done with life jackets on and is 15 yards swimming and 2 minutes treading water. Contact diana.weidenbacker@unh.edu if you have any questions about the swim check.

Details regarding drop off locations, times, and other information is sent to enrolled participants prior to the session start date from program staff. All sessions are held at the UNH Community Sailing Center (UNHCSC) at Mendums Pond in Barrington, NH. 

Click on the "Related Items" tab above for session descriptions, class levels, and prerequisites. Contact Diana Weidenbacker (diana.weidenbacker@unh.eduwith any questions regarding sessions.

Sailing/Kayaking/SUP: Week 4 - Summer 2024, Monday-Friday, July 15-19

Sessions Prerequisite

Class Type

Times Age Cost Registration Close Date
(unless full earlier)
Guppy AM - Introduction to Boating 9am-12pm 5-7 ½ $125 June 15
Guppy PM - Introduction to Boating 12:30-3:30pm 5-7 ½ $125 June 15
Seamen AM - Sailing: Beg-Intermed 9am-12pm 7 ½-11 $165 June 15
Mates AM - Sailing: Beg-Intermed 9am-12pm 12-18 $165 This session is FULL.
Ensigns PM Seamen Sailing: Advanced 12:30-3:30pm 7 ½-11 $165 June 15
Mariner PM Ensigns Sailing: Advanced 12:30-3:30pm 8-11 $165 June 15
Skippers PM Mates Sailing: Advanced 12:30-3:30pm 12-18 $165 June 15
Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) AM - SUP Only 9am-12pm 8-18 $165 June 15
Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) PM - SUP Only 12:30-3:30pm 8-18 $165 This session is FULL.
Kayaking AM - Kayaking Only 9am-12pm 8-18 $165 June 15
Kayaking PM - Kayaking Only 12:30-3:30pm 8-18 $165 June 15
Mendums Seacoast Sailing Team (MSST) Skippers Sailing: Racing 12:30-3:30pm 12-18 $255 June 15

Click the '+' on the block(s) on the right to choose your session and enroll. If using a mobile device, the block(s) may appear on the bottom of the page.

Online Registration Instructions: please review before enrolling for the best outcome. Family Accounts are recommended for enrolling multiple children from one family in any UNH Youth Program. If you already have an account in our system, you will be asked to log into either a Family or Student Account. Be sure you know which type of account you have and know your username and password. We recommend you attempt to log into the Student or Family account before enrollment opens as this will minimize difficulty and time while enrolling. Email youth.programs@unh.edu if you require assistance recovering your account information. Do not create a new account if you have one already.

If you don't have an account already, you can set up an account at any time, even before you begin the registration process. When you create a new account, the email address provided in the profile should be that of a parent/legal guardian, not the participating student.

Account balances are due by May 1, but can be paid before that date. It is the family responsibility to make a timely final payment. Please be aware of our Summer Youth Program Payment & Refund Procedures. To request a drop from a Youth Program, email youth.programs@unh.edu or contact the Program Manager. Please include the full name of the participant and clearly state the camp and session(s) to be dropped.

CampDoc: UNH has partnered with CampDoc to quicken the enrollment process. Enrollments and payments will still be done here through our current enrollment system, but no registration questions will be required at that time. Within a few days of enrolling, the email provided in the Student/Family Account will receive an email prompting completion of the registration questions.

It is important that a parent/guardian respond to the CampDoc email and complete the registration questions promptly. Families who enrolled a child through our current enrollment system in 2023 will likely already have a CampDoc account. A parent/guardian still needs to log into the student’s account and complete any necessary questions for this program/year. A participant’s CampDoc profile must be 100% complete before they can attend the program.

For more information, review our “CampDoc” page.

For more information or program questions, contact: diana.weidenbacker@unh.edu

For the program website: Community Sailing Centre

Travel Information


Sailing/Kayaking/Paddleboarding: Week 4

Sailing/Kayaking/SUP is held at the UNH Community Sailing Centre on Mendums Pond: 50 Recreation Drive, Barrington, NH

Enter Recreation Drive., Barrington NH into your GPS and it will bring you to the entrance which is marked by a large sign “UNH Rec Area." Follow the dirt road and ‘Sailing’ sign (at the first fork) down to the boathouse.

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Sailing/Kayaking/Paddleboarding: Week 4

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