UNH is partnering with CampDoc for most Youth Programs. CampDoc is where families will complete the registration process for their child(ren).  Enrollment is not complete until all registration questions are complete.

What this means for families:

  • Families will still enroll and make payments for Youth Programs through our current registration system. Before enrolling, please review all registration instructions here: Online Registration Instructions. Please also review all information on the program registration page.
    • Note: When enrolling, please use a parent/legal guardian email as the preferred email on the account. This is where all correspondence will be sent, from CampDoc reminders to specific information from the camp/program staff.
  • Completing all registration questions is no longer required at the time of enrollment. This makes enrolling quicker, more efficient, and gives families the opportunity to answer the registration questions at a more convenient time. 
    • Note: Please complete the registration questions ASAP upon receipt of the CampDoc invitation email. (explained below)
  • Periodic completion reminders are sent from “University of New Hampshire via CampDoc” to the preferred email provided at the time of enrollment (this should be a parent/guardian email). These notifications come directly from CampDoc and can end up in a junk/spam folder, so check those folders.

CampDoc registration questions must be 100% complete before a student can attend a Youth Program.


CampDoc Process

  • Within a few days of enrolling, the preferred email provided at the time of enrollment will receive an email from “University of New Hampshire via CampDoc.” It is important to use the most updated version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.
  • Families who have not used CampDoc before will receive an email invitation to create an account and complete the registration questions for their child(ren).
  • Families who already have a CampDoc account will receive an email reminder to log into their existing account and answer any new questions, update student information, and potentially re-sign all waivers and authorizations. Even if you have a CampDoc account already, you must log in to review any new required questions as program questions may differ.
  • CampDoc information will include a “Due Date” and “Lock Out Date.”  These are general dates, and it is important that a parent/guardian respond to the CampDoc email and complete the registration questions promptly - before the actual Due Date. Earlier completion allows UNH staff appropriate time to make programmatic arrangements and provide any follow-up in a timely manner.
  • Families are encouraged to make any needed updates to student data at any time before the Lock Out Date. This is especially important if there are changes in medications that the student will be taking while at the Youth Program from the time of enrollment. Any changes needed after the Lock Out Date requires contacting the program manager or the Youth Programs Office.
  • The registration questions, including all waivers, must be completed by a parent/guardian, not a participating student, even if the student is age 18 or older.
CampDoc registration questions must be 100% complete before a student can attend a Youth Program.


For CampDoc technical assistance, including logging in:

  • CampDoc Customer Support: 734-619-8300 (option 2)

Online CampDoc Support:

Additional CampDoc resources: