Online Registration

Read Before Enrolling!

Family Accounts

Parents/guardians enrolling one or multiple kids in a youth program -- tasks can now be managed through one Family Account at one time!

Creating a family account allows for a higher level of self-service for parents/guardians:

  • Manage a family and its members (including adults) from one family account
  • Eliminates the need to remember user names and passwords for multiple student accounts
  • Perform multiple registrations for multiple family members at once
  • Manage invoices and payments for family members from one family account

A parent/guardian enrolling a child in a UNH youth program should set up a Family Account and manage future registration functions through that account.

Creating A Family Account

How to Enroll using a Family Account

There are some initial steps required to set up a family account that may take 5-8 minutes. Once the account is set up, you won’t have to do these steps again!

Creating a Family Account

Family Accounts can be created and members added at any time. We recommend creating the account and adding members before enrollment opens to save time during the registration process.

Click the ‘Creating a Family Account’ link below for instructions that include:

  • Family Account set up
  • How to ‘invite’ a student with an existing account to your Family Account
  • How to add students without existing accounts to your Family Account

Creating A Family Account

How to Enroll using a Family Account

After creating the Family account and adding all members, return to the website ( to find the camp/program(s) desired:

  • Add the program/camp(s) for any student to your shopping cart first
  • The cart will present two options: use the Family Checkout button
  • You can enroll one or multiple children, complete the registration questions for each, and make payments within one account!
  • If you are completing registration questions, we do not recommend going through the process from a mobile phone
  • Remaining instructions with screenshots here: How to Enroll using a Family Account

Have questions?

  • For Technical questions (Logging in, creating a family account, browser issues):  603-862-7227; press 1
  • For specific questions regarding a program, use the Contact Us tab above
  • For general youth program questions: 603-862-7227; press 3. Please provide the student name & camp in any message