Online Registration

New for Summer 2023!

Quicker enrollment process:

Starting with summer 2023 youth programs, UNH is partnering with CampDoc for families to complete the registration questions. Enrollments and payments will still be done through our current system, but it will be a much more efficient process as youth program registration questions will not be answered at that time. Within 7-10 days of enrolling, families will receive an email prompting completion of the registration questions. For more information, review our “What’s New in 2023?” document.

Auto payment option:

Some summer camps/programs allow a deposit option. If a program allows a deposit option, a family can choose to pay the full amount or pay a 20% deposit upon initial enrollment.

If choosing the deposit option, the remaining balance due will be automatically charged to the credit card used to make the deposit on June 1, 2023. This means families do not have to log into an account to pay a balance or worry about remembering the final payment deadline. Please note this option only works if there is only one item in your cart. You will not see the deposit option in the cart, but upon final checkout. You can pay the balance at any time before June 1 by logging into the same account used for enrollment.

Wait Lists:

Some summer youth programs maintain a wait list after reaching initial capacity. Wait lists are managed by program staff, which follow their own timelines and procedures. Movement typically occurs as other students drop from attending.

If a program or session has a wait list, that option will appear on the program registration page once the session has reached its enrollment cap.  Important: Enrolling on a wait list from a family account is not currently supported by our registration system. You must log into an individual student account to enroll on a wait list.

If you need to request a drop or transfer, please do so as soon as you are aware to allow a timely opportunity for another student. To drop from a youth program or session, email Please include the full name of the participant and clearly state the camp and session(s) to be dropped. Review our summer youth program refund procedures.

Read Before Enrolling!

There are two ways to create an account in our registration system: 1. Family Account or 2. Individual Student Account.

Family Accounts are recommended for families enrolling a child or children in any UNH youth program.

More information and instructions for creating and/or enrolling in either type of account are below. Please read carefully before enrolling for the best and most accurate outcome.

Note: if you have an account in our system already, you may be asked to log into either a family or student account. Be sure you know which account you have and know your username and password. This will minimize difficulty and time. Do not create a new account if you have one already.

Family Accounts

Creating a family account allows families to:

  • Manage a family and its members (including adults) from one family account
  • Eliminates the need to remember user names and passwords for multiple student accounts
  • Perform multiple registrations for multiple family members at one time
  • Manage invoices and payments for family members from one family account

There are some initial steps required to set up a family account that may take 5-8 minutes. Once the account is set up, you won’t have to do these steps again!

Creating a Family Account

Family Accounts can be created and members added at any time. We recommend creating the account and adding members before enrollment opens to save time during the registration process. We also recommend keeping track of the type of account you did an enrollment in, along with the associated user name and password.

Click the ‘Creating a Family Account’ link below for screenshot instructions on creating the account and inviting/adding family members:

Creating A Family Account

How to Enroll using a Family Account

After creating the Family account and adding appropriate members/child(ren), return to the main page of the website to find the camp/program(s) desired. Read all information provided there, and:

  • Add the program/camp(s) for any student to your shopping cart. Upon checkout, you may be asked to log in if you are not already.
  • The cart will present two options: use the Family Checkout button
  • You'll be returned to the cart where you will 'Add/Remove Members for Enrollment'
  • You can enroll one or multiple children, complete the registration questions for each, and make payments within one account
  • If you doing an initial enrollment, we recommend that you do not use a mobile phone

Individual Student Accounts

Registration can be completed through an individual student account. Please note the following:

  • Accounts must be created in the name of the child, not the parent/guardian.
  • If you are enrolling more than one child and are not using a family account, then you must set up or use the existing accounts for each child. Note: you can use the same email address for multiple child accounts. The system will give you a warning message, but you can proceed.
  • Each child’s account will have a separate user name and password. Keep these for future reference.
  • If  you are doing an initial enrollment, we recommend that you do not use a mobile phone.

Logging Into an Existing Account

  • If your child already has an account, do not create another! From, use the ‘Log In’ tab on the blue menu bar. Click 'Student Log In.'
  • Use the ‘I have an account already’ option and input the user name and password. If needed, use the Forgot User Name and/or Password functions. The preferred email on the account will receive a link to reset the user name or password.

How to Enroll from a Student Account

  • Go to the youth programs website main page to find the program/camp desired. Click the link and review all information on the specific program page. If the program is open for enrollment, choose the desired session(s) and click on the ‘Enroll Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ button.
  • Upon checkout, you may be directed to a page with two log in options. Choose the 'Student Log In.'
  • Log In to a child's existing account, or if your child does not have an account already, create a student account. (We recommend that families use a Family Account).
  • Complete and submit any required registration questions. Checkout and make payment.
  • If you are registering more than one child and do not have a Family Account, complete these steps for one child, log out of that account, and go through the same steps for any subsequent child.

Have questions?

  • For Technical questions (Logging in, creating a family account, browser issues):  603-862-7227; press 1
  • For specific questions regarding a program, use the Contact Us tab above
  • For general youth program questions: or 603-862-3266. Please provide the student name & camp/program in any email or phone message.