The Summer Program

  • Summer Program Students

During our six-week summer program, students live on the campus of the University of New Hampshire. Their days are packed with challenging academic classes, creative problem-solving initiatives, teambuilding, communication skills, trips, sports and all kinds of fun!


Students take four grade-appropriate classes in the following areas: mathematics, literature and composition, the natural sciences, foreign languages and either SAT preparation, Study Skills, or Introduction to Research Methods. All UB classes help students develop the skills necessary for success in higher education. At UNH UB, our classes are small and students get plenty of one-on-one attention. Courses tend to be hands-on and experiential. Furthermore, UB classes are designed to inspire excitement about academics and to give students a head start on their upcoming academic year.

Here are two examples of our class syllabi from last summer: Senior Seminar & Chemistry.

Residential Life

The summer program gives students a taste of what it's like to live in a residence hall, have a roommate and attend classes in university buildings. UNH UB has its own residence hall where the 90 students and 12 residential staff members live during the summer program. UB students eat at Holloway Commons, (a UNH dining facility), where the food is excellent, varied, and nutritious. On occasion, we have special theme-based dinners, picnics, and barbecues.

Creative Problem Solving

Student groups work together on a variety of summer-long ECLIPSe challenges (Exercises in Collaborative Learning and Innovative Problem Solving). During Creative Problem Solving day at the end of the summer, students use what they learned to tackle a series of interdisciplinary creative problems designed by a team of their UB teachers.

A Day In The Life Of A UB Student

Upward Bound students start the morning with breakfast at 7:30am in the program's dining hall, then ease into their day with a half hour of UB Chillin' which is time for students to prepare themselves both physically and mentally for the day. After UB Chillin', there is a period of "L2S (Learning to Study)", where students devote time to study and research, or they can connect with teachers and residential staff for support and encouragement before they start their morning classes. The schedule after lunch vary depending on the day. Students will either have a class or participate in Mini Courses which are our summer electives that change yearly (past courses include Art, Zumba, Yoga, Acapella and Exploring the Outdoors). Dinner is at 5pm and is followed by optional activities, group time, Workshops or ECLIPSe challenges. Personal time winds down the day and it's "Lights Out" at 10:30pm.

Example Daily Schedule From 2022!