Voices of Wildcats

UNH students share their stories
  • Abbey McIntosh ’19 takes over the UNH Snapchat account

    Make Today So Awesome that Yesterday Gets Jealous

    Abbey McIntosh ’19 takes over the “uofnh” Snapchat account, talks about her internship with #UNHSocial and takes us to a drawing class. Read More
  • Student State Rep

    Student State Rep

    N.H. state rep. Amelia Keane ’17 shares her day as a student at UNH Manchester, shows us the state house and takes us behind the scenes at the URC. Read More
  • Brian Thibodeau ’17 takes over the UNH Snapchat account

    Communication Calling

    Communication major Brian Thibodeau ’17 talks about working at the Phonathon and attends UNH's first Philanthropy Day during his Snapchat takeover. Read More
  • Madison Ferreri ’19 takes over UNH's Snapchat

    Model UN Takes NYC

    Madison Ferreri ’19 and other members of UNH's Model UN team share their trip to the National Model UN Conference in New York City. Read More
  • Isabelle Hegland ’19 takes over UNH's Snapchat

    An Ear for Opera

    Isabelle Hegland ’19 talks about being a vocal performance student and an RA and gives an inside look at the UNH Opera Workshop during her takeover. Read More
  • Liliana Daly ’17 takes over the UofNH Snapchat account

    At the Center of Stoke

    On her Snapchat takeover, Liliana Daly ’17 shares her day as a student, assistant hall director of Stoke and volunteer at the Echo Thrift Shop. Read More
  • Carrington Cazeau takes over the UNH Snapchat account

    MUB Work Perks

    Carrington Cazeau ’17 takes over the “uofnh” Snapchat account for the day and shows what it’s like working at the MUB. Read More
  • UNH students take over UNH Snapchat graphic

    Best of the Best Takeover Moments

    A compilation of some of the best student Snapchat takeover moments from the 2016–2017 academic year. Read More
  • Madison Wood

    Engineering Climate Solutions

    Madison Wood ’19 wants to be part of the solutions to climate change issues.  Read More
  • Saege Robinson ’18 takes over UNH's Snapchat account

    Dancing ‘Til Dawn

    During her Snapchat takeover, Saege Robinson ’18 shares what it’s like to be a member of the UNH Dance Company. Read More

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