Voices of Wildcats

UNH students share their stories
  • UNH student Eden Suoth

    Scholar, Leader, Volunteer

    Eden Suoth always imagined going to college in a city. Then he visited UNH. Read More
  • UNH student Alana Davidson takes over the UNH Snapchat account


    Alana Davidson ’17 talks about nutrition and the Swipe It Forward program during her Snapchat takeover. Read More
  • UNH students on an alternative break challenge take over UNH's Snapchat

    Volunteering with New Friends

    UNH students share their Alternative Spring Break Challenge trip volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Read More
  • Abby Koczera ’17 takes over UNH's Snapchat

    Girls and Tech

    On her “uofnh” Snapchat takeover, Abby Koczera ’17 takes us behind the scenes at the N.H. Girls Technology Day event held at the UNH. Read More
  • Sydney Phelps takes over UNH's Snapchat account

    It’s Part of My Culture

    Sydney Phelps ’17 shows what OMSA is all about, takes us to MOSAICO’s Carnaval event and talks about why diversity is important to our campus. Read More
  • Trevon Bryant ’18 takes over the UNH Snapchat account

    A Passion for Helping Youth

    Trevon Bryant ’18 shows what it’s like to play football at UNH and talks about why he chose to major in human development and family studies. Read More
  • Kate Haslett takes over UNH's Snapchat account

    Joking Around

    Kate Haslett ’18 shares her day as a civil engineering student, division I hockey player and jokester during her Snapchat takeover. Read More
  • Samantha Barrett takes over the UNH snapchat account

    Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Samantha Barrett ’18 takes over the “uofnh” Snapchat account and talks about studying Russian, being an RA in Stoke Hall and why she chose UNH. Read More
  • Eden Suoth takes over the UNH Snapchat account

    It’s Because of UNH

    Eden Suoth ’18 shares his day on campus and then heads to Boston in the evening to speak at an alumni event during his Snapchat takeover. Read More
  • Allison Bellucci takes over UNH's Snapchat account

    I Found My Family Here at UNH

    Allison Bellucci ’17 gives an in-depth look at UNH’s aerial dance program and the student newspaper, The New Hampshire. Read More

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