Voices of Wildcats

UNH students share their stories
  • Katherine Lawson '18 takes over UNH's Snapchat account

    Bioengineering Mentor

    In her “uofnh” Snapchat takeover, Katherine Lawson '18 talks about what it means to be a bioengineering major at UNH and heads to Haunted Overload... Read More
  • UNH student Lubomir Rzepka '21 takes over the “uofnh” Snapchat account

    Why Not UNH?

    Mask and Dagger member Lubomir Rzepka '21 takes over the “uofnh” Snapchat account, and somehow connects leaves to his passion for English literature. Read More
  • UNH student Tia Floyd ’19 takes over the “uofnh” Snapchat account

    Italian Adventures in Ecogastronomy

    Communication and ecogastronomy dual major Tia Floyd ’19 takes over the “uofnh” Snapchat account during her semester abroad in Italy. Read More
  • Anna Bannon ’18 takes over UNH's Snapchat


    During her “uofnh” Snapchat takeover, Anna Bannon ’18 talks about her sustainability internship and goes to a special event. Read More
  • Juliana Good '21 takes over UNH's Snapchat

    Viola Goals

    Juliana Good '21 shows us some scenes and sounds from her daily routine as a music education major during her “uofnh” Snapchat takeover. Read More
  • Air Force ROTC cadet Sean Bowers ’20 takes over the UNH Snapchat account

    K-9 Time

    Air Force ROTC cadet Sean Bowers ’20 takes over the “uofnh” Snapchat account. He’s joined by some some special K-9 visitors in “Lead Lab.” Read More
  • UNH student Paula Camara ’19 takes over UNH's Snapchat account

    Studying Business in Budapest

    Paula Camara ’19 takes over the “uofnh” Snapchat account and shows us what it’s like studying business in Budapest, Hungary. Read More
  • Jessica Schmidt '18 does a “uofnh” Snapchat takeover

    Out on the Field

    Jessica Schmidt ’18 does a “uofnh” Snapchat takeover and shows what it's like to be a member of the field hockey team. Read More
  • UNH graduate Eddie Alhamdan '17

    An Accountant from Amman

    Eddie Alhamdan '17 came all the way from Amman, Jordan, to study accounting at UNH. Read More
  • Eva Cunningham ’17 takes over UNH's Snapchat

    Summer in Steamboat Springs

    During her Snapchat takeover, Eva Cunningham ’17 showcases her summer internship working at the Steamboat Adaptive Recreation Program in Colorado. Read More

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