UNH Scientists Share $13M in Grants to Study Benefits of Feeding Dairy Cows Seaweeds

Most people are unlikely to associate seaweed with dairy production. But University of New Hampshire scientists will be working to change that, sharing two grants totaling nearly $13 million to investigate supplementation of dairy cow diets with seaweed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve milk quality and animal health. 

The Power of Engagement

Sarah Wrightsman '17G could be described as someone with a growth mindset.  As a community garden project coordinator for at-risk youth in Somersworth, New Hampshire, Wrightsman discovered the positive impact she could have in her own community.  

 “Teaching children the patience, love and care that gardening requires meant a lot to me, but I wanted to do so much more for them. It was when their after-school program closed due to lack of funding that I was inspired to pursue a career in policy,” says Wrightsman.