Guidelines for Hosting Political Events

As a public university UNH is required to closely follow state and federal laws to ensure we maintain a nonpartisan and welcoming environment for all members of our community and our guests. Please take some time to review the guidelines and policies that relate to political activity on campus. There are some very practical guidelines that we hope you find helpful.

UNH has a proud history of involvement in the state’s presidential primary. As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our first-in-the-nation tradition, we are confident that UNH’s ongoing commitment to the First Amendment, which includes the community’s willingness to discuss, and perhaps disagree on, the pressing issues of our time, will ensure UNH continues to play a leading role in the selection of our country’s leaders.

Thank you,

Jim Dean
Wayne Jones


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General Guidelines for UNH Faculty and Staff Regarding Political Activity and Public Advocacy

Tactical advice for faculty and staff as to their rights and obligations as employees related to political activity and public advocacy.

Guidelines for Hosting Political Events

Offers guidance for how we will host political events and speakers on campus, in particular those open to an external audience

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