Expert List

Katherine Abbott
Expertise: Justice, Immigration, Law and society
Seth Abramson
Assistant Professor of English
Expertise: Crime prevention, Juvenile delinquency, Domestic violence, Poverty, Youth Crime, Social media, Presidential politics, Racism, Sexual assault, Creative writing, Criminal justice
Billur Akdeniz
Associate Professor of Marketing
Expertise: Marketing analytics, Product quality, Automotive industry, Marketing
Hachemi Aliouche
Associate Professor and Associate Director, Rosenberg International Center of Franchising
Expertise: Franchising
Shadi Atallah, UNH Assistant Professor of Natural Resources
Assistant Professor of Natural Resources
Expertise: Natural Resources management, Agricultural economics, Forest economics
Semra Aytur
Associate professor of Health Management & Policy
Expertise: Affordable Care Act, Health Care Reform
Heather Barber
Associate Professor of Sport Studies
Expertise: Sports psychology
Nelson Barber
Associate Professor of Hospitality Management
Expertise: Tourism, Wine, Consumer behavior
Carole Barnett
Associate Professor of Management
Expertise: Management, Leadership, Group dynamics, Business culture
Clayton Barrows
Professor of Hospitality Management
Expertise: Hotels, Hospitality
Ann Bartow
Professor and Director of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property
Expertise: Trademark law, Copyright law, Internet law, Feminist Legal Theory
Professor Christopher Bauer
Professor of Chemistry
Expertise: Chemistry, Science Education
Kabria Baumgartner
Assistant Professor of American Studies
Expertise: African-American history, Civil rights, Feminism
Jean Benoit
Professor of Civil Engineering
Expertise: Landslides
Margaret Boettcher
Assistant Professor of Geophysics
Expertise: Earthquakes
Jeffrey Bolster
Professor of History (Retired)
Expertise: American history, Maritime History, Fishing, NH history, New England
Jennifer Borda
Associate Professor of Communication
Expertise: Women, Feminist criticism, Work and motherhood, Rhetorical studies
Marla Brettschneider
Professor of Political Science and Women's Studies
Expertise: Gay/lesbian issues, Feminism, Jewish Identity, Women
Cliff Brown
Associate Professor of Sociology and Coordinator of the Sociology Graduate Program
Expertise: Racism, Inequality
Gale Carey
Professor of Nutrition
Expertise: Diabetes, Obesity
Benjamin Cariens
Associate Professor of Art
Expertise: Sculpture, Drawing, Religious art
Rosemary Caron
Associate Professor
Expertise: Immigration, Preschool, Community development, Child neglect
Jess Carson head shot
Research Assistant Professor
Expertise: Poverty, Work, Women in the workplace
Elizabeth Carter
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Expertise: European politics, Political economy, French politics, German politics, British politics
Holly R. Cashman
Associate Professor
Expertise: Bilingualism, Spanish in the United States, LGBTQ, Code-switching
Kent Chamberlin
Professor and Chair
Expertise: Electromagnetics
Daniel Chavez
Assistant Professor of Spanish, Latino and Latin American Studies
Expertise: Latin American film, Latin American literature, Central American literature
Ileana Chirila
Assistant Professor
Expertise: French literature, French culture, Romani culture
Brian Chu
Professor of Art
Expertise: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Stephen Ciccone
Associate Professor of Finance
Expertise: Financial markets, Stock market, Investing
Professor Ellen Cohn head shot
Professor of Psychology and Coordinator of Justice Studies
Expertise: Juvenile delinquency, Justice, Racial bias in the courts, Jury deliberation
John Colliander
Instructor in Accounting
Expertise: Taxes
Dr. Raymond A. Cook
Associate Professor
Expertise: Bridge design, Structural engineering, STEM
Andrew D. Coppens
Assistant Professor of Education in Learning Sciences
Expertise: Toddlers, Children's learning, Student motivation, Multicultural learning, Children in Latin America
Rick Cote
Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical Sciences
Expertise: Biochemistry
Leslie Couse
Professor of Education
Expertise: Early childhood education, Preschool, Schools
Head shot of Elizabeth Craig, tern conservation program manager at Shoals Marine Laboratory
Tern Conservation Program Manager, Shoals Marine Laboratory
Expertise: Orinthology, Terns, Isles of Shoals
Jo Sias Daniel
Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Materials science, Asphalt, Concrete, Roadways
Dr. Eshan Dave
Assistant Professor
Expertise: Pavement
Marcos J. Del Hierro
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition
Expertise: Composition, Rhetoric
Todd DeMitchell
John & H. Irene Peters Professor of Education
Expertise: Collective bargaining/unions, Bullying, School dress codes, Tort liability, Security, School choice
Professor of Philosophy
Expertise: American philosophy, Human nature, Thinking
Laura Dietz, assistant professor of computer science at UNH
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Expertise: Computer Science, Web search, Analytics, Machine learning
Michele Dillon
Professor of Sociology, Interim Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Expertise: Catholicism, Pope Francis, Religion
Kurk Dorsey
Professor of History
Expertise: American history, NH history, United States foreign policy, Environmental politics, Canadian history
Grant Drumheller
Professor of Art
Expertise: Drawing, Painting
Vanessa Druskat
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Management
Expertise: Management, Leadership, Group dynamics, Emotional intelligence
Shuili Du
Associate Professor of Marketing
Expertise: Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility
Melvin Dubnick
Professor of Political Science
Expertise: American government, Political corruption, Ethics
Alan Eaton
Extension Professor (Emeritus)
Expertise: insects