Expert List

Katherine Abbott
Expertise: Justice, Immigration, Law and society
Seth Abramson
Assistant Professor of English
Expertise: Crime prevention, Juvenile delinquency, Domestic violence, Poverty, Youth Crime, Social media, Presidential politics, Racism, Sexual assault, Creative writing, Criminal justice
Hachemi Aliouche
Associate Professor and Associate Director, Rosenberg International Center of Franchising
Expertise: Franchising
Shadi Atallah, UNH Assistant Professor of Natural Resources
Assistant Professor of Natural Resources
Expertise: Natural Resources management, Agricultural economics, Forest economics
Semra Aytur
Associate professor of Health Management & Policy
Expertise: Affordable Care Act, Health Care Reform
Heather Barber
Associate Professor of Sport Studies
Expertise: Sports psychology
Carole Barnett
Associate Professor of Management
Expertise: Management, Leadership, Group dynamics, Business culture
Clayton Barrows
Professor of Hospitality Management
Expertise: Hotels, Hospitality
Ann Bartow
Professor and Director of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property
Expertise: Trademark law, Copyright law, Internet law, Feminist Legal Theory
Professor Christopher Bauer
Professor of Chemistry
Expertise: Chemistry, Science Education
Kabria Baumgartner
Assistant Professor of American Studies
Expertise: African-American history, Civil rights, Feminism
Jean Benoit
Professor of Civil Engineering
Expertise: Landslides
Margaret Boettcher
Assistant Professor of Geophysics
Expertise: Earthquakes
Jeffrey Bolster
Professor of History (Retired)
Expertise: American history, Maritime History, Fishing, NH history, New England
Jennifer Borda
Associate Professor of Communication
Expertise: Women, Feminist criticism, Work and motherhood, Rhetorical studies
Marla Brettschneider
Professor of Political Science and Women's Studies
Expertise: Gay/lesbian issues, Feminism, Jewish Identity, Women
Cliff Brown
Associate Professor of Sociology and Coordinator of the Sociology Graduate Program
Expertise: Racism, Inequality
Gale Carey
Professor of Nutrition
Expertise: Diabetes, Obesity
Benjamin Cariens
Associate Professor of Art
Expertise: Sculpture, Drawing, Religious art
Rosemary Caron
Associate Professor
Expertise: Immigration, Preschool, Community development, Child neglect
Jess Carson head shot
Research Assistant Professor
Expertise: Poverty, Work, Women in the workplace
Elizabeth Carter
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Expertise: European politics, Political economy, French politics, German politics, British politics
Holly R. Cashman
Associate Professor
Expertise: Bilingualism, Spanish in the United States, LGBTQ, Code-switching
Kent Chamberlin
Professor and Chair
Expertise: Electromagnetics
Daniel Chavez
Assistant Professor of Spanish, Latino and Latin American Studies
Expertise: Latin American film, Latin American literature, Central American literature
Ileana Chirila
Assistant Professor
Expertise: French literature, French culture, Romani culture
Brian Chu
Professor of Art
Expertise: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Stephen Ciccone
Associate Professor of Finance
Expertise: Financial markets, Stock market, Investing
Professor Ellen Cohn head shot
Professor of Psychology and Coordinator of Justice Studies
Expertise: Juvenile delinquency, Justice, Racial bias in the courts, Jury deliberation
John Colliander
Instructor in Accounting
Expertise: Taxes
Dr. Raymond A. Cook
Associate Professor
Expertise: Bridge design, Structural engineering, STEM
Andrew D. Coppens
Assistant Professor of Education in Learning Sciences
Expertise: Toddlers, Children's learning, Student motivation, Multicultural learning, Children in Latin America
Rick Cote
Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical Sciences
Expertise: Biochemistry
Leslie Couse
Professor of Education
Expertise: Early childhood education, Preschool, Schools
Head shot of Elizabeth Craig, tern conservation program manager at Shoals Marine Laboratory
Tern Conservation Program Manager, Shoals Marine Laboratory
Expertise: Orinthology, Terns, Isles of Shoals
Jo Sias Daniel
Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Materials science, Asphalt, Concrete, Roadways
Dr. Eshan Dave
Assistant Professor
Expertise: Pavement
Marcos J. Del Hierro
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition
Expertise: Composition, Rhetoric
Todd DeMitchell
John & H. Irene Peters Professor of Education
Expertise: Collective bargaining/unions, Bullying, School dress codes, Tort liability, Security, School choice
Professor of Philosophy
Expertise: American philosophy, Human nature, Thinking
Laura Dietz, assistant professor of computer science at UNH
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Expertise: Computer Science, Web search, Analytics, Machine learning
Michele Dillon
Professor of Sociology, Interim Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Expertise: Catholicism, Pope Francis, Religion
Kurk Dorsey
Professor of History
Expertise: American history, NH history, United States foreign policy, Environmental politics, Canadian history
Grant Drumheller
Professor of Art
Expertise: Drawing, Painting
Vanessa Druskat
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Management
Expertise: Management, Leadership, Group dynamics, Emotional intelligence
Shuili Du
Associate Professor of Marketing
Expertise: Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility
Melvin Dubnick
Professor of Political Science
Expertise: American government, Political corruption, Ethics
Alan Eaton
Extension Professor (Emeritus)
Expertise: insects
Associate Professor, Psychology and Women's Studies
Expertise: Social psychology, Sexual assault, Women
Peter Erickson
Professor of Dairy Cattle Management
Expertise: Dairy