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  • graphic showing where UNH faculty are working and studying during spring semester 2017

    The World Made Smaller

    Faculty members are once more scattered around the globe, either sharing their expertise or increasing their knowledge, thanks to a variety of fellowships, established programs and research projects...
  • Illustration of UNH alumnus John Irving '65

    A Dozen Wildly Successful Liberal Arts Grads

    John Irving ’65What in the world can you do with a liberal arts education?
  • 10 Top Stories of 2016

    10 Top Stories of 2016

    We splashed around, swiped it forward and brewed a lot of beer. The year 2016 was full of stories that you clicked and viewed and shared and “liked.” Here are some of the most popular UNH Today...
  • UNH's Impact on New Hampshire Infographic

    New Hampshire Impact: UNH by the Numbers

    $1.5 billion. That’s the amount UNH contributes to New Hampshire’s economy each year through its expenditures in the state and the cost of educating a highly skilled workforce. It’s a big number —...
  • Celebrate 150: One Hundred and Fifty Milestone Moments feature cover page from the UNH Magazine

    One Hundred and Fifty Milestone Moments

    We all experience moments that carve themselves into memory. Some of those moments are watershed — graduations, marriages, births, deaths — while others are more mundane. At the ripe old age of 150,...
  • UNH Graduate School Infographic
  • Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the UNH Field House

    Looking Back on a Busy Election Season

    It’s been a busy year, with several presidential candidates visiting UNH. Here, we take a look back at some of the action. 
  • voting booth under the Thompson Hall arches at UNH


    Four-decade "Mayoralty" tradition made "mayors" of Durham.
  • Celebrate 150: The Campaign for UNH Regional Launches Infographic

    Celebrate in Your City

    UNH is bringing its 150th birthday celebration to you. Save the date for the party near you, and find out more here. 
  • UNH student Katherine Bemis '17

    Sustainable You

    Katherine Bemis’s recycling bin is always overflowing, and she rarely fills a full trash bag. She bikes to class, is an active member of UNH’s Organic Gardening Club and has a compost pile outside...
  • Hannah Hamalainen, UNH Assistant Professor, Dimond Library

    Meet UNH's New Faculty: 2016

    UNH has welcomed a diverse group of scholars and researchers to its faculty. 
  • Graphic of banned books

    The Right to Read

    “To Kill A Mockingbird,” “Gone With the Wind” and “Call of the Wild” were among the many once-banned classics on display at Dimond Library during Banned Books Week, an annual nationwide event that...
  • Illustration of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Constitution

    Exercising the Constitution

    On the anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787, UNH associate professor of political science Susan Siggelakis reflects on Puerto Rico v. Sánchez Valle, a case that went...
  • UNH Wildcat Stadium Facts

    Wildcat Stadium Then and Now

    The new Wildcat Stadium, which opens this weekend, has come a long way. After 80 years, the home of the Wildcat football and track and field teams has undergone an expansion and renovation that will...
  • Robert Morin illustration

    The Mysterious Gifts of Robert Morin

    Robert “Bob” Morin '63 was quietly amassing a $4 million estate that he would leave to UNH after his death.
  • Class of 2020 Infographic

    The Class of 2020: By the Numbers

    Emily and Nicholas are in the house. Here’s a look at the new freshman class.
  • illustration of UNH football players stopping to help a police officer

    Gridiron Good Guys

    Use the term heroic to describe a football player’s actions and most people will think of on-field exploits, like a 60-plus-yard touchdown pass in the waning seconds of the fourth quarter or a punt...
  • UNH graduate Connor Roelke in his nitro cold brew coffee shop

    This Brew’s For You

    What keeps you up at night? Job stress? Curfew breakers? For Connor Roelke '15, it’s coffee.
  • An infographic showing information on suicide

    A Good Fight

    The university’s commitment to building a safe, supportive culture on campus is getting noticed.
  • Infographic showing 603 Challenge results

    The Power of You

    Here’s what 2,400 UNH fans accomplished this month
  • mystery basket illustration

    UNH Chefs Take Silver at Culinary Competition

    Warning: If you’re hungry, you might want to have a snack before reading this.  
  • An illustration of an ice cream truck and ice cream treats at Thompson Hall

    How Sweet It Is

    Faculty and staff are invited to gather on the Thompson Hall lawn this Friday for a sweet treat.
  • Haylee Colannino '17

    Ace of Cakes

    Earlier this month, several undergraduates were recognized at the 2016 Student Awards Presentation. Haylee Colannino '17 was called out for her carrot cake. OK, not only for her carrot cake. Actually...
  • Top 5 Summer Reads

    Hitting the Books

    Sunshine, warmth and the end of classes mark the near return of summer. While many people will take vacations on the upcoming beautiful days, the freedom of this time of year offers a perfect...
  • A chart showing suicide rates in the United States

    Do You Know Kognito?

    Picture your typical small New England liberal arts college. Now picture that campus completely void of students — 1,300 people, just gone in one year.
  • An illustration of the UNH fanny pack

    Fanny Packs Are Back

    Fanny pack. Belt pack. Buffalo pouch. Hip sack. By whichever name you call it, this 1980s trend in hands-free accessorizing is back with a vengeance. Just ask UNH’s newest alumni, the class of 2016...
  • 2016 URC infographic
  • COLSA URC presenter
  • UNH Manchester illustration

    A New Pathway to Manchester

    Pathways programs aren’t a new idea—for the past several years, UNH has had agreements in place with a number of New Hampshire community colleges to allow their associate’s degree-earning students to...
  • Retrospective: The New Hampshire

    Candidates on Campus

    UNH has long been a hot stop for presidential candidates looking to connect with young voters as they crisscross the Granite State during the long lead-up to the New Hampshire presidential primary. 
  • A map of the world showing locations where UNH faculty will be teaching or taking part in projects this spring.

    Professors Without Borders

    During the spring term, faculty from both the Durham and Manchester campuses will be taking their expertise outside their traditional classrooms via a variety of fellowships and research projects....
  • Two Delicious Distinctions

    Two Delicious Distinctions

    While UNH Dining may be known on campus more for the variety of delicious and healthy foods available on a daily basis, it recently received accolades for its commitment to the environment.
  • Lincoln Lavoie and Mara Bernazzani

    IOL on the Move

    The UNH InterOperability Laboratory (IOL) is on the move and, come Jan. 4, is scheduled to be up and running in its new location adjacent to campus at Madbury Commons.
  • UNH professor R. Scott Smith

    Modern Mythology

    “The Force. It’s calling to you. Just let it in.” So ends the official trailer for “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens,” and countless moviegoers are planning to do just that when the film...
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