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  • A New Staple for Graduate Research

    A New Staple for Graduate Research

    For the second year running, the annual Graduate Research Conference (GRC) was held virtually, with some exciting updates.
  • 2021-22 DYF Recipients Honored

    2021-22 DYF Recipients Honored

    The 2021-2022 recipients of the prestigious Dissertation Year Fellowship (DYF) award were honored during the recent Graduate Student Appreciation Week on a Zoom celebration. The DYF is a very...
  • UNH campus sunset

    Going Beyond the Border

    It started with a conversation: Shantel Palacio and Nathan Harris, two students in the Ph.D. Education program were troubled by the hesitation they saw in classes when confronting diversity and race...
  • Drummond Biles

    3MT Alumni—Where Are They Now?

    Drummond Biles and Meagan Wengrove are not only recent PhD graduates from UNH, but they are also soon to be married. Biles, PhD mechanical engineering, serves as a postdoctoral researcher at Sandia...
  • two women posing for camera

    Bringing the Writing Retreat Home

    This January, 63 graduate students gathered on Zoom for a virtual edition of the Graduate School’s 7th annual Winter Writing Retreat.
  • Writing Retreat Goes Digital

    Writing Retreat Goes Digital

    Zoom breakout rooms took the place of physical spaces in donor-sponsored annual event for writing graduate students.
  • Reading, Responding, and Witnessing

    Reading, Responding, and Witnessing

    Eden Wales Freedman, a 2014 graduate from UNH’s PhD English program, has been awarded the 2020 Eudora Welty prize for her recent book, Reading Testimony, Witnessing Trauma: Confronting Race, Gender,...
  • Double Win

    Double Win

    Jordan Pierce, a master’s student in UNH’s Oceanography program, has just won two notable awards at the 2020 OCEANS Conference—Gulf Coast Division.
  • So Be A Writer

    So Be A Writer

    With a fellowship, MFA alumna Rose Whitmore has a novel on the horizon.
  • Will Clyde Associate Dean

    Will Clyde Associate Dean

    Will Clyde, a long-standing professor in the UNH Earth sciences department, has recently been appointed associate dean of the UNH graduate school.
  • STAF Spotlight: Getting Fungi to the Trees

    STAF Spotlight: Getting Fungi to the Trees

    If you were to investigate ways to support forest health, where would you look? The trees? Animals? Soil?
  • Charlotte Gross

    STAF Spotlight: Scanning for Smoke

    I’m perched in Banner Mt. Lookout sixty feet above the ground. Five miles to the west, the Jones Fire tears through brush and timber. Smoke billows up thick and white, then a bruised purple-brown as...
  • Della Burke

    STAF Spotlight: At the Edge of Hookup Culture

    ‘Hookup culture’—broadly defined as a culture that accepts and encourages uncommitted sexual encounters between consenting individuals—is a prominent part of life on college campuses, and the...
  • Cammie Gray

    STAF Spotlight: The Secret is in Making Connections

    How do you convince an undergraduate that a mandatory course is worth taking beyond the requirements for their major?
  • Natalie Lounsbury

    No Till, No Problem

    Natalie Lounsbury, a graduate student studying agroecology in UNH’s Natural Resources and Earth System Sciences Ph.D. program, has received a 2020 Switzer Fellowship. 
  • Great Bay in fall

    Living Laboratory

    Anna Lowien, a masters student in the natural resources department, was recently awarded an inaugural
  • GRC in past years

    A Cyber Success

    The UNH Graduate Research Conference (GRC) has grown steadily every year since its inception in 2002. What began as a modest showcase of graduate research has become a week-long interdisciplinary...
  • Say It Again—This Time to the Camera

    Say It Again—This Time to the Camera

    The University of New Hampshire’s fifth annual Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition was Monday, April 27 via Zoom. While traditionally this event has been an in-person, multi-round series, the UNH...
  • Shawn Banker

    It's Instrumental

    The University Instrumentation Center hosts technology to advance research on campus and off
  • Meagan Wengrove

    Years of Research in 3 Minutes: Can You Do It?

    Say you’re at a family reunion, and a grandparent asks about your graduate school research. Excited to have a willing ear, you dive headfirst into the deep end, speeding through a catalogue of niche...
  • Graduate students at lunch

    Record Turnout for the Winter Writing Retreat

    This January, a record turnout of 70 graduate students gathered for the Graduate School’s annual Winter Writing Retreat.
  • The Dissertation: Nobody Gets Here Alone

    The Dissertation: Nobody Gets Here Alone

    The dissertation. A four-syllable word that signifies years of classes, research, field work, and of course, writing. From the outside, this can seem like a pretty daunting task, especially for an...
  • Reclaiming STEM: East Coast Edition

    Reclaiming STEM: East Coast Edition

    “The day was one of excitement, vulnerability, and empowerment with over 70 participants and speakers,” said Tamara Marcus, Ph.D. student in UNH’s Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science program...
  • Japanese Family Photo

    Finding Language for Silence

    An MFA writing student is travelling to Japan on a STAF award.
  • Summer Research Workshop Discussion Group

    What Makes for a Successful Researcher?

    Being a successful researcher involves much more than just conducting research—a researcher must also be a strong communicator, a participant in the greater scientific community, a motivated team...
  • So Much To Do, So Little Time

    So Much To Do, So Little Time

    UNH master's student relies on graduate student resources to finish his thesis.
  • Field Work in the Ipswich Watershed

    From Sweden to New England: Measuring GHG Emissions in Wetlands

    Paige Clarizia, a graduate student in UNH’s department of Earth sciences and recipient of UNH’s Summer Teaching Award Fellowship, is spending her summer collecting data on greenhouse gas emissions...
  • UNH Celebrates Largest Ever Class of Doctoral Graduates

    UNH Celebrates Largest Ever Class of Doctoral Graduates

    The Graduate School held its annual Doctoral Luncheon the day before commencement, but this year, there was yet another reason to celebrate: it was the largest ever class of doctoral graduates. Of...
  • Living Bridge Panel a Sold-Out Success

    Living Bridge Panel a Sold-Out Success

    UNH students and faculty gathered with the local Portsmouth community for a special evening in honor of the Living Bridge Project.
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