Tuesday, January 14, 2020
UNH Manchester students can get discounts

UNH Manchester students can get discounted rates at local restaurants, gyms, museums and more.

At UNH Manchester, despite our size, there is a long list of things students can do, with some that most students don’t even know about. So, for freshmen and returning students alike, here are five things you might not have known you can do.

  1. Have food delivered. Yes, some of UNH Manchester’s favorite foods, such as Mr.Mac’s delicious mac and cheese and Portland Pie Company’s cooked-to-perfection pizza, can be delivered right to the school! Perfect for an afternoon of studying with friends, a long day of homework or when you want to be the star at your club’s next meeting.
  2. Show your UNH ID card to get discounts. Your student ID opens doors to a bunch of discounted items, services and memberships, from food to fitness to entertainment.
  3. Get rewarded for going to ten or more Student Involvement events. The Loyal-Tee program rewards students who participate in events with free t-shirts, which feature a cool design on the front and a list of all that semester’s events. A great memento for all the fun times you had during the semester!
  4. Study in the secret room behind the stairs on the first floor. If you’re a fan of seeing the history of the Pandora Building that is now UNH Manchester and you want a place to study or to chill out with your friends after class, then this room is for you.
  5. Use the Reflection Room in Room 370. The Reflection Room is the perfect place to take time out of your busy school day to say a prayer or meditate. Conveniently located at the end of the third floor, just above the library, this room is peaceful and quiet, and you most likely won’t be disturbed by rambunctious students going to or leaving class.

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David Vogt | Communications and Public Affairs