Julia Denaro '21

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  • Millyard Scholar Spotlight

    Millyard Scholar Spotlight

    "It is going to be the future of humanity." This is how Fardeen Siddiqui ‘23 described the field of biotechnology—and the reason he chose to pursue a degree in biotech at UNH Manchester.
  • Volunteering in Manchester

    Volunteering in Manchester

    It feels good to do good. That's why UNH is known for its involvement in the community and what students do to give back to the world. Here are a few Manchester organizations that are always on the...
  • UNH Manchester student writing in the student commons

    Five Tips to Craft Your College Admission Essay

    Applying to college can be overwhelming—especially when it comes time to complete the dreaded essay. The essay is your opportunity to bring your application to life and let the admissions team get to...
  • UNH Manchester students can get discounts

    5 Things Every UNH Manchester Student Should Know

    At UNH Manchester, despite our size, there is a long list of things students can do, with some that most students don’t even know about. So, for freshmen and returning students alike, here are five...
  • UNH Manchester students at Career Fair

    6 Tips to Find Your Perfect Internship

    With spring semester approaching, many students may be considering an internship in the near future. Whether you’re currently on the lookout for an academic internship or want to be prepared when you...
Julia Denaro '21
Marketing Intern, UNH Manchester

Julia Denaro is an intern for UNH Manchester's marketing team, tasked with creating blog and social media content for the college.

Julia knew she had a connection with language and communicating from a very young age, whether it be through talking, singing, or writing. On top of this, Julia enjoys participating in school clubs such as the Tabletop Gaming Club and UNH Manchester's a cappella club Milling Around.

Julia is working towards her B.A. in Professional and Technical Communications from UNH Manchester and aspires to become an editor.