Inquiry journal highlights undergraduate research

Thursday, May 16, 2019
Madeline Juffras '19 working on scientific equipment in a wetland

Madeline Juffras '19

Erik Harrington ’19 wondered how a fast food diet might stiffen young adults’ arteries. Madeline Juffras ’19 spent her summer at Sallie's Fen, a wetland near campus, tracking emissions of the powerful greenhouse gas methane. Jasmine Huffman ’19 explored the relationship between emotional intelligence and telling lies.

These are among a dozen undergraduate research projects detailed in the 2019 issue of Inquiry, UNH’s online undergraduate research journal. Published annually by the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research since 2005, Inquiry offers undergraduate researchers in all disciplines the opportunity to communicate their experiences and results to general and academic audiences.

“Inquiry highlights UNH’s outstanding commitment to undergraduate research by giving students a platform to share their work broadly,” says Paul Tsang, faculty director of the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research and professor of molecular, cellular and biomedical sciences. “We hope it inspires other students to pursue their own research projects.”

Inquiry editors Brigid Carroll Casellini and Erin Trainer note that a goal of this year’s edition was to include student research from disciplines not previously featured in the publication.

“We’re pleased to feature Samm Azen, our first-ever outdoor education major,” says Casellini. “All the student authors worked incredibly hard to revise their research articles to appeal to Inquiry’s audience.”

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