Monday, May 14, 2018

UNH student covered in colored chalk during Holi celebration

With end of the year fast approaching, it’s humbling to think of events that made the semester truly memorable. For me, one of those events was Holi; the Hindu Festival of Colors, which was hosted by Desi Students Association in the Fish Bowl on March 21.

As someone who has been celebrating Holi for 22 years, UNH feels more like home on this day. It has traditionally been a festival that welcomes new beginning and offers a chance for foes to become friends and forget their differences. Why wouldn't it? With vibrant colors flying all around and the air filled with laughter, it is hard to sustain anger. While it has only been celebrated at UNH for a little more than decade, there are traces of the festival being as old as the 4th century.

Cups filled with colorful chalk dust at UNH Holi celebration

Legend has it that Holi marks the end of a long reign of terror by a demonic king, Hiranya Kasyapu. His son refused to follow the ruthless ways of life and wanted to lead in more nobel ways. But a miracle changed everything: When the king ordered for his son to be burned alive, he burned into ashes inside. People were overjoyed and filled the streets with bonfires, and the following day, celebrated with colors and water.

There truly is no better way to experience a culture than to celebrate its festivals with the locals. So, get ready and save the date for next year’s diwali.

Rezwan Ali '19 | Communications and Public Affairs