Monday, April 30, 2018
Students studying with laptops

Regardless of what year of college you're in, it is always a good idea to start and continue developing a strategy to position yourself as best as possible for a job  post-graduation. A great time to take proactive steps is during the summer, when there is perhaps more flexibility in your schedule. Detailed below are chances to earn credits while also gaining real-world skills.


One credit-gaining opportunity during the summer is an internship. If you’re that career-driven Wildcat, I’m sure you’re already all over this. Might as well get credit for it, right? The process of having this count varies from college to college and major to major, so speak to your advisor to see if this is a possibility for you.

ADMN 403 (1ON) - Computing Essentials for Business

When: May 21 – June 22 | Where: Online

According to UNH’s course catalog, this is a “self-paced course covering the fundamental skills and proficiency of general business software applications.” Even if business isn’t your major, eventually you will be a part of a business in some capacity, whether you're working for someone else or treating your own personal finances like a small business. Knowing the basics of word processing and spreadsheet applications will be beneficial at some point in your life, so take the time to learn them! 

PAUL 450 (1ON) - Personal Finance

When: May 21 – June 22 | Where: Online

As mentioned above, being an adult and managing personal finances in a sense is like running a business. Take this course to gain financial literacy and an understanding of the financial planning process. This includes “...the establishment of goals and objectives, forecasting of lifetime income and expenditures, evaluation of investment options, money management, and understanding all the many ways a person can achieve their financial goals through various strategies.”

ADMN 598 (1ON) - Topics in Career Exploration

When: May 21 – June 22 | Where: Online

As expressed in the title, this course revolves around career exploration for business students. Taught by the director of career services in the Peter T. Paul College of Business & Economics, this class will provide useful information and help expand your knowledge of various applicable careers.