Capture the milestones of your UNH career

Friday, May 11, 2018

With all the accomplishments that will be celebrated at commencement, you deserve to remember the moments and places that got you where you are today.

As you and your family and friends photograph the graduation experience, why not take advantage of the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane? Allow the UNH campus and its picturesque views that have been your home for some time now to play a part in your final days here. Since the campus will be packed with families and loved ones on graduation, it might even be a good idea to snap some pictures in that cap and gown a few days earlier.

Here are a few suggestions for the perfect backdrop:

wildcat statue

1. The infamous Wildcat statue 


The ultimate classic spot where you took your first UNH pictures while touring the Durham campus. Rub the statue's head for some last Wildcat luck.

2. Where was “your” spot on campus?

Depending on one’s major, most graduates have a spot where they can say, “I’ve spent most of the past four years right here.” Whether yours is Paul College or Murkland Hall, strike a proud pose wherever it is you worked so hard throughout the years.

3. Dimond Library

One final farewell to the early mornings and the late nights spent at our iconic library where all that learning happened. Maybe even take some papers and throw them in the air (for dramatic effect, that is).

4. Your Freshman Hall

Head way back and gather those people you first met at UNH, the people that have shaped your life since those Willy and Christensen days. Take a look back and picture your younger self walking into those halls four years ago. Capture that moment! 

Main Street, Durahm


5. Down on Main St.


Between Young’s Restaurant and Libby's Bar and Grill, there is always something going on downtown. Beatles fan? Strut through the crosswalk with some friends and get that album cover — graduation version.



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