Friday, February 16, 2018
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Internships are important for a multitude of reasons. They are a vital point of differentiation on your resume and provide valuable experience for professional and personal development, as well as extra cash for the summer and semesters. With the Career and Internship Fair right around the corner, it is crucial to polish up your professional appearance and be prepared for any opportunity that presents itself. Read below for key tips to landing that internship:

1. Create a list of companies you’d like to work for

The first tip to finding an internship is to determine where you would like to work. Much like with applying to colleges, it is important to include both "safety" and "reach" options among those that are realistic. Include those dream internships, as well as those you are confident in securing based on the company's requirements. Utilize Wildcat Careers for this step to see what is available in the UNH area or near home.

2. Perfect your resume

On average, recruiters or hiring managers spend a mere six seconds looking over a resume before deeming it worthy of a second glance. Be sure it is as flawless and tactfully structured as possible. Our very own Career and Professional Success department at the University of New Hampshire has a great guide to creating a resume as well as an in-office resume review option.  

3. Craft cover letters

Cover letters are an art. They are a balance between showing what you bring to the table and conveying why you’d be a good fit at a company. Cover letters are more personal than resumes and should be specific to each company you apply to. Again, CaPS has a great resource for crafting the perfect cover letter. 

4. Clean up your LinkedIn & social medias

Yearly, the percentage of employers that creep on candidates’ social medias increases. At this point in time, around 70 percent say they look at these secondary sources to learn more about an individual, so clean up your act. If you don’t want your parents, grandparents, etc. seeing particular posts, employers certainly don’t want to be seeing them either. Try using your social medias as a digital portfolio. And just remember to be mindful of your digital footprint as you’re job hunting.

5. Meet with a CaPS Pro 

Career and Professional Success here at the University of New Hampshire really is an invaluable resource for students seeking employment. Besides reviewing and beefing up resumes and cover letters, they can also provide you with interview tips and questions to be prepared for, as well as interview role play.

6. Dress for success

For when you are offered an in-person interview, you need to know how to dress to the nines for it. Professional attire is a must. See how to accomplish that in our video.

7. Apply!

Just do it! As long as you’re prepared, things will work out as they’re meant to. Good luck, Wildcats!

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