Research on New Zealand’s long-tailed bats will help protect the native species

Thursday, December 14, 2017

This past fall, UNH students participating in the EcoQuest program in New Zealand took part in U.S. Embassy funded research on long-tailed bats. The bats are one of only two mammal species native to the country and classified as nationally vulnerable.

The research, which sheds important light on the behavior, habitat requirements and roosting sites of these rarely seen nocturnal mammals, will inform local, regional and national conservation work.

Since 1999, students from UNH and more than 80 other colleges and universities have participated in the EcoQuest program. Students engage in a hands-on, multidisciplinary research while contributing to New Zealand’s restoration ecology and sustainable resource management initiatives.

The program, a partnership between UNH’s Department of Natural Resources and the Environment and the EcoQuest Education Foundation, provides a sustainable learning community in which students experience first-hand how science, management, planning and policy can interact.

  • Written By:

    Sarah Schaier | College of Life Sciences and Agriculture