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  • EcoQuest alumni listen to the speakers during the 20th anniversary celebration in the Huddleston Ballroom.

    New Zealand Study-Abroad Program Turns 20

    COLSA is celebrating 20 years of the New Zealand study-abroad program EcoQuest.
  • Assaulted Marsh

    Assaulted Marsh

    ​New UNH research is shedding light on why salt marshes are being lost to sea level rise and how to save them from destruction. The study, which was recently published in the scientific journal...
  • College of Life Sciences and Agriculture faculty Maggie Begis and Kevin Pietro

    COLSA Faculty Honored with College Awards

    Maggie Dylewski Begis and Kevin Pietro received the college's top honors this year.
  • UNH associate professor Alan Baker poses with former graduate student Peter Siver and Professor Jim Haney

    A Goodbye, a Surprise Hello and an Unexpected Honor

    When botanical sciences professor Alan (Al) Baker retired in May after 47 years at UNH, the department threw him a retirement party.
  • UNH's Kiley Kennedy '19

    Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom

    Kiley Kennedy ’19 considers the world to be her classroom.
  • UNH 2019 Intercollegiate Dressage Team

    Dressage Applause

    UNH Equestrian Team’s Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) squad is the 2019 Region A Reserve Champion. 
  • 700 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer

    Major Magnetism

    UNH is set to receive a multimillion-dollar nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer, which will enhance research capabilities and establish a regional NMR facility in northern New England. 
  • Skin of the longfin squid

    Skin Secrets

    We’re one step closer to clothing and cosmetics that can change color and pattern in response to their surroundings, thanks in part to new research from Feixia Chu and Matthew MacManes.
  • UNH Connect STEM participant Isabella Solari

    Connections that Count

    In August, before vehicles loaded with dorm room essentials deliver more than 3,000 first-year students to UNH’s Durham campus, roughly two dozen new Wildcats arrive to begin a two-week Connect STEM...
  • Cook Strait female giant weta

    Good Vibrations

    New research that reveals how a species of giant weta communicate could have important implications for  conservation efforts.
  • PEEP flock gathers around a student.

    Flock Around the Clock

    The Poultry Experiential Education Program is adding some unusual items to students' to-do lists.
  • True Grit

    True Grit

    Lisa Arvidson graduated this past December, two-and-a-half decades after she took her first undergraduate class.
  • Countryside stream

    Muddy Waters

    Bill McDowell clarifies what proposed changes to the Clean Water Act could mean.
  • Reception area at the UNH PAWS Veterinary Clinic

    UNH Veterinary Clinic Makes Pet Ownership Possible

    Lower-income pet owners have access to affordable wellness services through UNH’s PAWS Veterinary Clinic.
  • Bennett Thompson

    A Presidential Pursuit

    Before heading home for Thanksgiving, Bennett Thompson '19G got some great news: He'd been selected as a Presidential Management Fellow.
  • UNH Plays Major Role in Identification of First Asian Longhorned Tick in NH

    UNH Plays Major Role in Identification of First Asian Longhorned Tick in NH

    Istvan Miko, the manager of the UNH Collection of Insects and Other Arthropods, identified the invasive Asian longhorned tick, which was sent to UNH by an concerned resident of Rindge, New Hampshire...
  • Ash tree infested with the emerald ash borer

    Bellwether Beetle

    While the emerald ash borer is threatening to reshape New Hampshire’s forests, new research aims to stop this invasive insect.
  • Kim Babbitt and Leslie Barber

    Groundbreaking Agreement Makes Student Success Top Priority

    COLSA and the Community College System of New Hampshire are helping set up transfer students for maximum success.
  • High-Impact Internships

    High-Impact Internships

    Students devote their summers to social innovation.
  • UNH Professor Emeritus Stacia Sower at work with a student

    A Career Is Celebrated

    Special issue of "General and Comparative Endocrinology" highlights Professor Emeritus Stacia Sower's accomplishments and research legacy.
  • Kevin Culligan holds a Arabidopsis thaliana plant in his lab.

    Damage Control

    COLSA's Kevin Culligan is studying how pathogens cause DNA double-strand breaks in plants and how plants repair them, thanks to an NSF grant.
  • Hagfish

    New Grant Will Fund Study of Hagfish Slime

    Professor David Plachetzki received a grant to study what has been described as the grossest super-material on the planet.
  • RADM John P. Neagley '82 talks to UNH students.

    A Tour at the Edge of Possible

    UNH was honored to welcome Rear Admiral John P. Neagley '82 to campus recently for a tour and discussion of the latest relevant research.
  • Stephanie Clarke, recipient of COLSA's Excellence in Teaching Award

    COLSA Faculty Honored with College Awards

    Stephanie Clarke and Timothy Montminy were recently recognized for their outstanding dedication to students.
  • Jesse Stabile Morrell

    The Proust Questionnaire: Jesse Stabile Morrell

    What's your idea of perfect happiness? Jesse Stabile Morrell's involves a lot of sand. 
  • Kathryn Bennett '19 UNH Environmental Sciences and Sustainability

    COLSA at the 2018 Undergraduate Research Conference

    To learn more about the UNH College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, visit our website.
  • Lucy Spence '18 at work in a UNH biology lab.

    Outside Her Comfort Zone

    Lucy Spence '18 is headed to Nicaragua to work with children and adults as an environmental educator for the Peace Corps. 
  • UNH's equestrian IDA team wins 2018 season championship

    Riding High

    UNH equestrian teams continue to distinguish themselves.
  • Shadi Atallah works with coffee grower

    Made in the Shade

    Shadi Atallah’s research aims to help coffee farmers implement sustainable, environmentally friendly practices without hurting the bottom line.
  • Students at work in UNH's Brewing Science Laboratory

    UNH To Host Beer Lecture Series During NH Craft Beer Week

    UNH invites the public to learn about beer’s significant social, cultural, economic and environmental contributions.
  • Wild bees

    UNH Researcher Receives Grant To Improve Pollinator Health

    Sandra Rehan has received a $550,000 Pollinator Health Fund grant from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research.
  • Spark 2018 - Innovation from Bench to Bedside

    Innovation from Bench to Bedside

    A new research center brings together multiple disciplines to advance solutions for human health and well-being.
  • High tunnel at UNH farm.

    Sustainable Ag Team Wins Grant to Partner with Peruvian University

    UNH has won an Innovation Fund Grant, bringing opportunities for undergrads to study in the Andean Region.
  • Energy for Change

    Energy for Change

    Henry Herndon '15, '17G wants to change the global energy system, and he's starting in the Granite State.
  • Soil Savior

    Soil Savior

    UNH grad student hopes to use prestigious federal fellowship to help U.S. farmers improve soil health and productivity.
  • UNH Students Take Wildlife Conservation Abroad

    UNH Students Take Wildlife Conservation Abroad

    This past fall, UNH students participating in the EcoQuest program in New Zealand took part in U.S. Embassy funded research on long-tailed bats. The bats are one of only two mammal species native to...
  • UNH students conducting research in the field

    Protecting a Native Species

    Research by UNH students will help New Zealand's vulnerable long-tailed bats.
  • Andrew DeMeo '18 wins NH Social Venture Innovation Challenge

    Honey and Flowers for All

    Andrew DeMeo ’18 wants to put flowers in your yard and honey on your table and create a better world for you and your children.
  • UNH grad student Katherine Sinacore studying tropical trees

    Tropical Treasure Trove

    Katherine Sinacore's research is enabling responsible land-use decisions in Panama’s tree plantations.
  • UNH students working with plants in the greenhouses

    Food for Thought

    A new Thompson School partnership provides Oyster River students with fresh, local vegetables hydroponically grown in UNH’s greenhouses.
  • University of New Hampshire graduate student Brianna LaCarubba

    Research Excellence Recognized

    Brianna LaCarubba ’18G has been recognized with a Trainee Professional Development Award from the Society for Neuroscience.    
  • Hydroponic lettuce at UNH Thompson School greenhouse

    Veggie Tale

    UNH Thompson School partners with school district to provide fresh produce year round.
  • UNH Thompson School of Applied Science Veterinary Technology Program

    Animal Ambition

    Four vet tech students talk about the value of learning by doing.
  • Jacob Withee, bee whisperer

    Bee Bullies

    While a graduate student in zoology at UNH, Jacob Withee '16G studied the effects of aggression on the social behavior of Ceratina calcurata, commonly known as small carpenter bees.
  • UNH professor Kelley Thomas

    Lab Luminary

    Kelley Thomas has been designated a STEM Exemplar by the P.I. Program.
  • Samantha Agyeman

    High Gear

    COLSA biomedical sciences student Samantha Agyeman '18 will be at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts, quite a bit this NFL season.   
  • a photo collage of different UNH 2017 graduates
  • UNH's Molly Jacobson '17


    Protecting Maine’s shorebirds leaves Molly Jacobson '17 happy as a lark.
  • UNH student with a cat in the PAWS clinic, part of the veterinary technology program

    Leader of the Pack

    UNH’s veterinary technology program has been named the second best in the country.
  • Alana Davidson

    Meal Plan

    Alana Davidson ’17 wants everyone to have equal access to nutritious food.
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